Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Shreveport We Go...Hopefully

Today, we are snowed in. Tomorrow is the day that David and Eli are supposed to ride the van to Shreveport. I feel like we need to get the splints off of Eljah's legs. He still isn't sleeping well, which means David isn't sleeping well. It's really tough on all of us, but especially Elijah. I'm not sure if the Shriner van will be cancelled or delayed due to the roads. Pray we get to go as planned without any problems.

We've certainly had more than our fair share of snow and ice this winter in Oklahoma.

Love you all,

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Anonymous said...

Hope the van can go through. This has been a hard winter and the snow really changes our plans. We are praying for a good trip and good results. Good Luck.
Love Linda and Pete