Friday, January 15, 2010

Elijah doing well

I know, I know, you love the new blog look and feel. I have to say that I wanted a "happier" feel to Elijah's journey...and now we have it, but this blog isn't about the look and feel, it's about Elijah Ramirez who is doing great. He's still sitting still, but that's okay for now as long as that great big smile stays on his face.

We love you all and will post pics of Eli this weekend.

Please keep praying for Grandma Edna. She remains in the hospital.



Alicia said...

Glad Eli continues to do well and I love the way the blog looks. Good thoughts going out to your grandma, Melissa.


Freddie Cooper said...

I REALLY like your new site,, it is so much easier to read. It is so hard to imagine what little Eli has gone through in such a short time and to see the progress he has made. I have kept up with your site since reading about Eli in the Tulsa paper, his is a story that is very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that Super Eli is feeling smiley! Give him a big hug for me! I've never met him but hope to someday.What a tough,cute,sweet boy!Praying for your Grandma too.

Luci said...

I am praying and praising God that he is doing good. i am still praying for Eli and the family. be blessed.