Friday, October 30, 2009

Where Eah?

First, accept my apology for such a long stint between posts. If I could describe our lives this last bit: we've been chasing our tails.

Sophia broke her arm two weeks ago. She has a bright pink cast from wrist to above her elbow. She managed to take a flying leap off of the neighbor's driveway drop on her sit-down scooter. Ask her the story, it is quite animated. I believe she has even greater empathy for her sweet baby boy...not that she lacked points in that area.

Elijah has started asking for "Yum Yum." Yes, people, Eli is asking to eat!!!!!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment for our child. Those of you new to his blog...he received a feeding tube at 4 weeks old because he threw up everything we put in his tummy. Turns out he was allergic to his formula, but having the g-tube helped us focus on other things knowing all along we could feed Elijah without his cooperation. It has been a blessing, but it isn't something we want him to have for life.

Tonight he dipped his fingers in sour cream and ranch dressing and enjoyed every lick. In fact, I ended the flavorful experience before Eli was really done, but I want to make sure he doesn't have an allergic reaction. We are on our way!

Plus, Elijah's vocabulary is expanding daily. He'll make us crack up by repeating whatever short sentences we use like: really, I know, etc. Today, he wanted to go outside so he asks "outside?" We go. He thought Sophia went out ahead of us. He kept pointing and saying "this way" and I kept abiding by his direction. Soon he said, "Where Eah?" It actually startled me. An unprompted two-word sentence! As his reward, we found Sophia in short order.

We've all been fighting illness for about a week. Started with Sophia last Saturday...much to her dismay she was well enough for school on Monday. David is still really puny. I've avoided this round. Both kids have both flu vaccines...thankfully. We aren't starting the season off well though.

One final piece of good news: Eli weighs 19 pounds. I'm tickled to report he no longer fits in his infant car seat. He now faces forward like the big boy he is. He's moved into size 4 diapers and size 24 month clothing. Although very small for his age, he is growing. So keep that on his prayer list.

Also, keep praying for Grandma Bobbie's health and comfort.

Happy Halloween. Video soon...I hope.

Love to all,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eli splashes

Elijah will feed himself. He dips his fingers into his bowl of baby food goodness and licks it off. Then he discovers splashing in the baby food and making a real mess, but I certainly cannot get upset with him for getting friendly with food. So, he makes a giant mess, but he eats some of it and that's all it takes for him to get away with his splashes and giggles. (we have video of this...but you'll have to pester David for that post)

Eli has also learned to climb small steps solo. He has such balance that even a professional ballerina would envy. He's learned it for survival and uses it well.

Eli has been double flu has Sophia. I've received seasonal only...David none. These are not easy things to come by this time of year so I'm very pleased with our progress on that front.

Eli has enjoyed fall break with his favorite sister. Sophia has entertained many friends in the last four days and Eli's been right in the middle of it.

Eli will babble away. I'm sure he thinks he is making sense. David thinks he's using complete sentences. We just love to hear his voice.

Keep praying for Grandma Bobbie's full health and for our peace regarding Eli's scheduled amputation in January. Please also pray for Elijah's growth. He remains so small for his age. Also, pray for Eli's sight that it would not deteriorate and his overall health. We need a 100% healthy boy for his January hospitalizations!

I am deeply grateful for your friendship.

I love you all!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

In very, very hot Florida

Surprise! We're in Florida giving our daughter her dose of undivided attention. We left the day after mini laps and are nearing the end. Granna flew in to care for Elijah for the week. Thanks, Anna. Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Marvin pitched in too. Thanks!

We have been flying through Peter Pan's world and dancing with the stars of High School guessed it, we are in Disney and loving every second of it.

We'll be home soon and share pics of our much-needed escape.

We all miss Eli so much, but this break has been a real pleasure. And, knowing Eli was well cared for in our absence made for a great trip.

Love you all. Please pray for our safe return.