Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elijah's Quest

Hello Team Eli!
Eli and David at Top of the Rock in NYC
The Ramirezes have had a very busy summer. First, we visited the Elk River with the McManus clan. Then, we went to Walt Disney World for five nights of action packed Mickey.  Then, we went to New York City primarily to visit David's parents and secondarily to visit the world's coolest city. We've had fun. I tell Sophia that we've made up for having to miss some summer vacations since Elijah's birth.

Elijah is learning more and enjoying his time at home. He starts public school for a few hours a day on Monday and back to the Little Light House on Wednesday. We're excited to get the routine rolling again.

A few weeks ago Eli had his 16th surgery. New tubes put in his ears and a scheduled adenoidectomy. But, the ENT discovered Eli didn't have much adenoid tissue so the adenoidectomy didn't happen. That led us on an adventure analyzing Elijah's immune system since the adenoids and tonsils are part of the lymph system, which feeds immunity. The infectious disease doc doesn't think Eli has an immunodeficiency, which is very, very good news.

My apologies for our long stints between posts. Honestly, since I started the new job that I love, I haven't posted as much. Those two things might not be related, but who knows.

We love you all and appreciate your prayers for Eli. Please pray for his ability to walk. For those of you tracking, you know it's been about a year that he has had prosthetic legs...he still isn't able to walk independently. He is making progress, but it is extremely slow. Keeping my positive attitude about it is being tested for sure. He deserves to be able to walk where an when he wants. I want that for him.

Love and gratitude,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Please support Mini-Laps!

Our dear friends,

Live from New York, it's Elijah Ramirez! He's ready for his big moment on the stage at the 2011 Mini-Laps! On Sept. 24, Elijah will walk around an oval track while hundreds cheer him on. This year's theme is "The Big Apple," so we'll probably dress the boy up as a big piece of fruit. Back by popular demand for his fourth year, Eli is eager to represent his big sis Sophia and his mother and me. We're his biggest fans, and we know you feel the same.

PLEASE HELP US support Elijah's fabulous school, The Little Light House, and all 64 students taking part in this year's Mini-Laps. The parents of these students (including the one writing this letter) take time during Mini-Laps each year to ask everyone we know to consider a financial contribution to The Little Light House, a private school for extraordinary children who need special care and attention.

The Little Light House is staffed with licensed therapists in all specialties and specially-trained teachers in each classroom. Eli is in the Pink Class where he learns with seven other extraordinary kids. The teachers and classroom associates are remarkable individuals who have such compassion and care for each child. The therapy Elijah receives is developed through strategy sessions involving all of the disciplines. Honestly, Eli couldn't receive a better education anywhere else.

When Eli joined the school at 18 months, he had trouble sitting up, speaking, even lifting objects. Today, he is one of the sharpest four-year-olds on the planet, able to count past 10, memorize lists, sings songs and write his own name. Every day at school he practices walking on prosthetic limbs, eating by mouth, reading books and much, much, MUCH more. Best of all, he loves going to school!

The Little Light House receives no government funding and no United Way support. The Little Light House is 100% supported through the generous financial gifts from caring individuals like you.

This year, they will invest $17,000 in our sweet Eli. Will you help us give back?

I know many deserving charities ask for your support, but this year, will you join us in supporting a Christian school specially designed for extraordinary kids? Kids who didn't ask to be extraordinary. Kids who need a little more attention, a little more help to reach their very best potential. Kids who will succeed thanks to The Little Light House.

With gratitude and love,

Melissa, David, Sophia and Elijah