Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sophia Sings, Sets The Gold Standard

VIDEOS TONIGHT of Sophia's very first piano and voice recital. You have GOT to see the performance that all of Tulsa will be talking about for the next month-and-a-half. Prepare yourself for "The Glory of Love," which is the rendition the kid sings in the movie "Beaches." Our darling girl makes the song her very own, and the crowd actually gasped with delight at how she nailed it.

And here's her piano recital. She's only been playing the piano for about eight weeks, so we're all super-proud of her for playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" flawlessly and by memory in front of this big audience. She was the least experienced pianist in the show, so she played first. And since she was the MOST experienced vocalist (even performing next to teenagers), she also closed the show. We're just absolutely bursting with pride tonight.

BONUS VIDEO: I know you're asking, "So when does Elijah start singing professionally?" It won't be long now, and here's the proof. He accompanied us to Sophia's voice lesson this week, and he couldn't wait to take the microphone.

Many of you wonder, though few have asked, How does Sophia deal with her brother always getting the spotlight? Honestly, her mother and I worry about that as well, but on nights like these, it's clear there's nothing to worry about. Not only is Sophia making her own mark in the world, but she's always comfortable -- nay, looking forward to -- sharing the spotlight with her best friend Eli. And if you saw how attentively Elijah listened during his sister's performances tonight, you'd know he considers her an important part of his life as well.

So Proud!!!


Anonymous said...

Sophia and Eli are so talented and outgoing. They are a joy to watch. Thanks for sharing

Pete and Linda

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise to see and hear my favorite great grand children. Obviously THEY TAKE THE CAKE,, THE TROPHY AND ALL OUR LOVE.BOBBIE & MARVIN

Leveta said...

Precious,beautiful,sweet dalring children.Thanks so much for sharing their special time with us.

Leveta said...

Sorry but I just had to come back on and comment again.Eli's singing is so precious and I have to ask if Big sister has had voice lessons.She sounds so professional. Great Job to both of them.

Emily Kaye said...

I am so proud of Sophia! Tell her that I loved listening to her sing. I love doing jazz numbers...there is something so fun about a throaty singing! She has been blessed...I can't wait to see where her talent takes her!

Eli is also a treasure...I know he loves Sophia's performing. It takes a special brother to sit through big sister's performances. I should brother has done it for years...he's one of my biggest supporters.

Love you all!!

Miss Amy said...

your kids are amazing!!! love them!

Nellie Kelly said...

Wowza, Sophia! That was awesome!