Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day two, prayers obvious

This photo is of Elijah just after surgery yesterday. Today, he looks the same, except he's awake more and not as grumpy.

The prayer for peace and comfort for Elijah has been answered today. He's not thrilled to have wires and an IV coming out of his body. He's not totally cool with the crazy band keeping his knees together. But, I cannot tell that he's upset at all about his footless legs. So far, he doesn't miss his feet and, for me, that is a huge answer to prayer.

Soon, the wires and IV will be removed and I expect Eli to be back to happy. Though I haven't seen any smiles today, I have seen glimpses of his great personality showing through. Clifford, of course, has been here for the long haul.

Add to your list of our prayer requests that upon Elijah's discharge, the roads are dry so we can make it home easily and in record time. The car ride after these surgeries is pretty hard on Eli.

Love and gratitude,


Anonymous said...

What a sweet precious boy!I am praying for safe travels as you go home and that he travels well.Also praying that you have warmer temps there than we do here.It is SO cold.What a strong brave boy you have and also you and your hubby.God is good!

Leslie said...

Ramirez Family,
Leslie Stevens here, Susan Garcia's Sister-in-law. I am so very happy to see that Eli is doing well after surgery. I hope you don't mind, but the day before his surgery, I posted his blog and a little info in my Facebook status, asking for prayers from friends and family. I was so happy to see how many people took the time to read about your amazing family. Many of my high school buddies said they read the whole blog and were so touched by Eli's story, and commented on what an incredible family you are. It makes me so glad to think I have shared his journey with others, many in Kansas, that never would've know about him, and moreso for the many additional prayers that have been sent to our Father. So I admit that todays heading, "Day two, prayers obvious" brought tears to my eyes. Nothing feels as good as knowing that I've been a part of something so special to help the needs of someone else. I, and many others will continue our prayers for a strong, fast, and painfree recovery for the little trouper! I've had many friends ask me today how he's doing; so I know he's struck a nerve. You're all in my thoughts, and thank you for the updates, though you all may be beyond exhausted right now. Blessing in the days and weeks ahead, and God's hedge of protection around your family and Eli's recovery...
Much Love,
Leslie Stevens