Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy is not the word of the day

Generally, Eli can be described as happy. Today, not so much. He wakes for a few minutes and cries. I'm sure he isn't very comfortable...the docs have a wide band holding his knees together. His natural position is sprawled, which is mostly to blame on gravity. He also has his new feetless feet propped up on a pillow to reduce swelling at the surgical sites. He also has an IV in his neck...imagine that discomfort. Plus, he seems to be hurting. It's up to me and David to ask for pain med, which we have done as often as we're allowed.

This has been a really tough day. Granna, Grandpa John, Grammie, Grandpa Ken, big sister Sophia and Miss Kate from Little Light House have all been here today. Eli has been surrounded with people who love him. It hasn't made the ordeal any easier, but without them it would have been harder, I am sure.

Please keep praying for Eli! Pray he doesn't miss his feet, his pain is relieved, he can get comfortable and rest well. Pray he has no complications and no infections. Pray for surgical success and the best possible results as he heals. Pray he won't bump his incisions (that's a concern going forward). Pray for peace for Eli...peace that he cannot comprehend, but that penetrates his entire being.

Pray for Sophia as she deals with the new Eli. Pray as she works to understand why her mommy and daddy would let this happen to her baby boy. Pray for David to rest tonight.

Thank you for caring for Eli. He knows you care.

Love and gratitude,


Emily Kaye said...

Praying continually. I love you all.

Jennifer Brown said...

I've been praying for Eli, and the whole family all day. I'll continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Stacie Smith directed me to your blog. Our family has been praying for hers for years now...every night. Your sweet family will be added to the Swanson prayer list.

Tonight, I will say a special prayer for Mom & Dad...for peace and to feel Jesus' everlasting love.

With kindness,
Elizabeth Swanson

Anonymous said...

Praying for you ALL!

Lyn Kearns said...

Praying for your family, as a friend of Stacie's I found your blog.

Hewett Happenings said...

Hang in there. Know that you are bathed in love and prayers. Rest in Him. Continually praying

kelly said...

Praying for peace and rest for all of you.

Christa said...

Praying.. often.

Miss Kate said...

Many prayers & and much love. Praying specifically for peace.

Luci said...

Been praying all day for eli to be able to get comfortable and to be able to rest. and for peace for the entire families.

God Bless

Groettum Family said...

I found your blog through a posting in MckMama's community...what an amazing little boy you have! The kids always end up being stronger than the parents (my son has a disease called cystic fibrosis)...I look forward to following your story and seeing him shine!

lydia said...

Praying is a word that describes people on their knees before the Holy Lord asking on your behalf.

Can you picture it, the King of Kings listening and acting on your families behalf. Showing love through you Eli's parents (You) and the staff hand picked by the Lord. These are the things we pray for before our Holy Lord asking for peace, joy restored, and encouragement for your future.

So please know we love and are asking before the Lord for your wonderful Family, thank you for letting us pray for your family.

God Bless and Good Night with No Worries In Jesus Name and Miracle Speed Healing for Eli.Jesus send every provision this night to keep Eli safe and comfy knowing that you personally sit next to him tending any pain, and clearing any wound. Lord perfect every area this very night, and let Eli be ready for a YUM, YUM In Jesus Name

Good Night David, Melissa, Sophia, and our Miracle Eli Love You ALL!!!!

Amberghini said...

YAY! I'm glad Kate got to be there too! I wish I could have!!! I was half tempted to get on the Internet at work and see how Eli was until I found out two people got fired-ha!!! xo!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Eli and your family. I read about your story on Stacie's blog, I will pass this prayer request along to everyone I know. :)
Kind regards,
Sonja Ray

Anonymous said...

Praying for comfort for Eli's.Praying also for the hearts of everyone involved incuding the doctors and nurses.

Bookout said...

David & Melissa,

We are praying that God's healing and peace will be powerfully present for Eli and the family. May His unfailing love be your comfort (Psalm 119:76).

Yours In Christ,
Brad & Linda Bookout