Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enjoy a Laugh

This evening I had to take Elijah's latest prescription to a new pharmacy because our "usual" was out of the drug we needed. The cashier putting the prescription in their system and setting Eli up as a new patient asked me "is he allergic to any drugs or have any medical concerns?" I looked at her and thought for a moment. Do I dive into my son's medical concerns? I replied "no" with a smile like I was really getting away with something. It has had me giggling all night.

I also picked up some hearing aid batteries. For those of you who are long time Eli Journey Members, you know that when he was teeny tiny, he had a bone conduction hearing aid.  That's the type that just sits on your head with a strap. It literally sounds like a microphone in your head (I've tried it). David thought we should try it again because of how often Eli says a very genuine "what?" in our conversations. I put a new battery in the five year old device and it came to life (thank you Lord). I placed it on Elijah's head and started talking to him in a subdued voice and the child smiled from EAR TO EAR. He asked if he could keep it on and if he could take it to school. Maybe David is on to something. We'll see.

A dear friend of mine, at the young age of 55, died last week after finding out she had cancer only days before. I will miss her posts on this blog and her encouraging phone calls to me. mhh you will be missed.

Love you all,

P.S. Aren't David's videos amazing. I watch them over and over so impressed with his abilities. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Videos from Disney World (part 3)

And here's the last movie! Hope you enjoyed them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Videos From Disney World (part 2)

The continuing saga of our Christmas/Birthday trip to Florida in Dec. 2011:

Part 3 of the Disney Trilogy to follow!

Videos from Disney World!

Because you demanded it! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Part II...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Eli's BIG Birthday Party

If you read this blog, we invited you to join us in celebration of Elijah's 5th birthday. The party was Saturday and more than 80 of you joined us to wish Eli the most special birthday wishes ever. Thank you to those of you who took your time to attend...it means a lot to us. To those of you who couldn't make it, we know you were here in spirit and heart.

I rarely think about the night Eli was born. That night and the days that followed are not pleasant memories for me. In fact, I cannot think of much during that time to make me smile. Yes, I was introduced in a profound way to the kindness of friends, family and strangers, but the uncertainty around Elijah overshadowed everything during that time.

I wanted to celebrate Eli's fifth birthday to overshadow the holiday of 2006. For now on, I'm going to remember the look on Eli's face as 80 people sang a hearty Happy Birthday to him. He loved every minute of it.

One of Eli's gifts, a new Clifford

Eli ready to open presents!

Eli and Grammie Ayers

Blowing out candle (with a little help)

Basking in the song

Eli and Ms. Brooke from the Little Light House

Did you notice in these photos how Sophia is always right at Eli's side making sure he has what he needs. She is his biggest fan and the best big sister anyone ever could have.

Thank you everyone!

P.S. Eli starts full-time public school tomorrow at Holmes Park. Pray for him as he makes this transition from the safe place that is the Little Light House to a little more unknown situation. He is ready. Holmes Park is ready. Am I ready? :)

Disney Pics