Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surgery is complete

We just spoke with Dr. Gates who said Elijah's surgery went very well. It is over. We can sigh with relief, but I really still want to cry.

Elijah was able to keep his heel pad...that will be his stump...I'm not sure I like the word stump, but for now, I will use it.

Thank you for continuing to pray. Please pray Elijah doesn't miss his feet and that he has NO pain. Pray that he can rest and have peace. He's been anxious since we arrived. The minute we pulled up to the hospital he started crying. He knew...not that his feet would be taken...but that he would not have a fun time at this great hospital.

The child life specialist made a mold of Eli's precious feet for me. I should have known that this great place would be a step ahead of me.

We love you,


Patty Ann said...

Words escape me but my prayers for you don't. I know God has all of you in his hands today. We have seen so many miracles and today will be the beginning of yet another one. Thank you for the update as our hearts have been right there with you all morning. Patty Malone Gammel

Clint said...

Praying hard for you all!! Eli, David , Sophia, and you are blessed to have each other!!

Anonymous said...

Just one of Gavin's guardians wanting to let you know that I just said a prayer for you. I will continue to keep your family and sweet boy in my prayers.
Anjanette Hanna

Kat said...

Praying with you that Eli is in no pain and will not miss his feet, and asking God to comfort you as you struggle to understand and to accept. May our gracious and loving Father give you peace, the peace that passes all understanding and permeate your hearts with a calm and precious assurance that Eli is smack-dab in the middle of God's will this day. This will be my fervent prayer today and in the days to come.
~Kathy, one of Gavin's Guardians

Hewett Happenings said...

Glad to hear surgery went well. Praying for an easy transition for all of you, Nd a pain free and uneventful recovery for Eli.

Bobbie said...

Thank you for your updates. You know we are with you in spirit and sending God's blessings to others. Bless our baby Elijah and all his loved ones. Love you all.

Jenny - Jenny White Photography said...

so glad to hear the surgery went so well. have been praying for sweet Eli and will continue to pray for you all.

Ryan said...

Praying for strength and grace through these next few days. Praying for Eli! May the Lord Jesus draw closer than your breath and bring his peace. Thanks for the raw honesty!

Anonymous said...

I just now had a chance to get on but have thought of you all,all day.Prayers are going up here for all of your requests and also praying that Eli will WOW the doctors in his recovery and be the greatest tesimony!