Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MILESTONE! Eli drinks by mouth!

Elijah was so cute tonight as he sat on the dinner table and grabbed at Daddy's silverware. We got him some spoons of his own, and of course, that meant he needed something to dip them in. Melissa got a bowl of ranch dressing, and while we always hope he'll like new tastes and textures, we could not have anticipated how vigorously he'd attack the ranch. You can't know how excited we were to watch him do the following: 1. Repeatedly taste something new. 2. Allow the spoon to enter past his lips (instead of only sending his tongue out to the food). 3. Holding the spoon on his own (as well as he can). 4. Asking for MORE!
But he didn't stop there. From time to time he enjoys the feeling of water pouring on his face, and he likes to stick his tongue out and taste the water, but we haven't had much success getting him to swallow the water. TONIGHT HE SWALLOWED THE WATER. Over and over and over and over. Here, see for yourself:

Keep praying for Elijah! His parents keep lists in their heads of all the things doctors told us he'd never be able to do, and each time HE DOES THEM, we thank Jesus. So does Eli!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amazing Taste Test

Elijah is spending a little time each day with his "Yum Yum," where he sits at the table with the big kids and scoops heaping globs of Gerber Stage One "Pineapple/Pear" into his mouth. It all started about the time of this video, about a month ago:

But how about when he crawls down an entire flight of stairs ALL BY HIMSELF?

Elijah continues to grow and improve every single day. Keep praying for him!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Elijah was tired this morning. He pulled the covers over his head as if to tell us to take a hike. He also enjoyed Sophia's Not So Scary After Halloween Party yesterday.