Monday, January 11, 2010

Elijah's Cranky

Dearest friends and family,

I'm Eli's mom. So, I suppose it's my place to be concerned (I don't want to call it "worry"). Eli is cranky. He isn't himself. Of course, I know he just had major surgery. I'm really hoping it is just that he hasn't slept well in the last 24 hours. I'm concerned that we are keeping a fever down with Motrin and Tylenol. A fever could indicate isn't a good sign.

Anyway, I post to request special prayers for him. I want him to feel good again. I want him to have fun and play. This evening he was holding his little feet straight up in the air and fussing....I mean his footless legs....gosh.

David would side on not alarming the blog world with this little worry...concern...of mine, but I'm just not that private when it comes to Eli. I have big plans for him and YOU are all involved in that. Pray for his comfort and health.

His next surgery is already scheduled for March 3. Wow. That will be to adjust muscles in his left (more dominant) hand.

Also, please pray for my grandmother Edna. She is in the hospital this evening with water on her lungs. This is her second hospitalization for this condition in four weeks.

Love you all,


Alicia said...

I hope this is just a little "off" day for Eli and that he is smily and happy again soon.

I also hope your grandma improves quickly!

(Eli's newest fan!)

Lora L Roberts said...

I'll be praying for Eli, and you. It is so hard when they can't tell you what is going on and often times all we have is that mother gut feeling. I'll pray that you all know when it's time to worry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe elevating his legs helps them not throb.
Still praying... mp

Anonymous said...

Melissa... I have never commented on your blog before but I wanted to let you know that I am following your journey and that I am praying for all of you right now!
There is no reason NOT TO SHARE and ASK FOR PRAYER!! BE CONFIDENT ELIJAH is being lifted up in prayer this very moment! - AMY

Anonymous said...

Please post anytime you feel the need.That is what we are here for.I am so glad you let us know about your concerns.I will be praying.Please give him a big hug and kiss from me.Such a sweet brave boy.He has been through alot in the last few days and we will just keep on praying for him and for you all.Praying also for your Grandma.