Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures of the Ramirez Kids

Sophia's pic is her at her seventh b-day sleepover party we had Friday night. Yes, I know she doesn't turn seven until June 21, but try telling her to have another b-day shin dig in the summer. She really wanted to have it while all the kids were still in school and a b-day party would be easier to attend. She got it with 16 attendees until 10 p.m. and 9 until 10 a.m. the next day! Fun was had by all.
One of Eli sleeping with his rear up in the air. Too cute, but turning my camera on woke him up so his eyes are open. When Eli saw this photo on the computer screen, he licked Clifford's picture. He is licking more things and I encourage it. Soon, he will be eating. I just know it.
The last one of Eli is at Sophia's school for opening assembly. Sophia was on stage doing morning announcements with some classmates and Eli and I sat in the bleachers.
Love to all,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

All fun today

Eli's having a ton of fun rolling a ball bigger than he is and chasing it by scooting on the wood floor. So cute. He is still protective of his healing arm. Whenever I go to pick him up, he gently places his other hand under the hand of the broken arm as if to give it a little extra support. Bless him for remembering the pain of a break. I hope he forgets soon.

Good news is that if he doesn't have his glasses on, he wants them. My mom noticed that he was picking up tiny things off of the floor....a first for him. I am certain the glasses are making a great difference for him. I want more solutions like that!

A new friend of mine who lives just down the expressway (who has a daughter, Hannah, who depends on prosthetic legs to walk) introduced me (Internetly-speaking) to Cody who is in first grade. He was born an extraordinary kid like Eli and Hannah. He was born missing both knee joints, too. You can watch Cody's story on Dateline from this link team Cody. I have to say that hearing Cody's parents felt like deja vu for me and David. The description of "a sensible solution, yet horrifying" describes how we feel about amputation. Such a permanent, painful, yet completely necessary step. I'm still dreading it, but I've known for a long, long time that Eli will run and I cannot wait to be there for his first sprint.

Love you all,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eli's learning

Eli is learning to express his desires. The brilliant folks at the Little Light House made him picture cards so he can let them know if he wants to read his Clifford book or play with his musical instrument. Eli selects by pointing to the card. He decides. I love that!

Eli's favorite words: paci, Eah (Sophia), daddy, yay, (shaking his head) NO, ready, here it is.

He isn't moving his broken (healing) arm. That's a good thing. We'll get it checked out again next week with x-ray shipped to Shreveport. Hopefully we can avoid a trip in person. His liquid vitamin D arrives at our house tomorrow so we'll start that.

Love to all,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home again

Let's see how many blogs I have titled something about being home again. I am sure it is more than I can imagine. We are home yet again and happy for it. Eli remained in pain yesterday, but today seems to be better. He isn't using that arm, which is for the best.

I know most of you think there is no way Eli could actually get any cuter. Drum roll, please!

Isn't he adorable. I picked his glasses up on Monday, but with the drama (and pain) of a broken arm, I didn't introduce them to Eli until today and he's taken to them. He pulled at them at first, but then he's just left them alone. I have to believe it's because he's realized how well he can SEE! The hair is out of control, I know.

In one of the pics you can see the stamped "YES" on his arm. The hospital does that to signify where they are supposed to do surgery. It just cracks me up every time.

Here's an Eli story for the record books. So, the Shriner docs tell me that Eli is deficient in Vitamin D. They planned to give him a load dose while at the hospital and then start Eli on a daily dose. Well, the Shriner's pharmacy isn't used to giving out Vitamin D and they couldn't get their hands on the right item for Eli before our departure yesterday. So, I come home with a prescription to give Eli 100,000 units of Vitamin D as a load dose and then 1,000 a day. I go to the pharmacy to pick up the vitamin and the pharmacist says, "You know that will be 100 pills, right?" Well, of course, I had no idea. I found another bottle that had 2,000 units per pill, which knocked my pill number to give Eli down to 50. So, I get home and count out 50 pills. I start to crush them with a spoon....doesn't work. I throw them in the food processor with some of his formula for about a 30 minute spin and pretty much liquefied the pills and fed them to my son. I know, I know, seems totally odd. I double questioned the doc and the pharmacist called the doc to triple clarify we were all on the same page. I just hope it helps his bones. Doc says because of Eli's chronic skin condition, his body doesn't make Vitamin D. Today, I've found some liquid Vitamin D online, which I will buy for Eli so we don't have to run his meal through the spinner.

Thank you all for thinking about us this week. We've all had better weeks, that is for sure.

Love and gratitude,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eli out of surgery

So, I know I jumped a few posts going from his arm is broken to he is out of surgery. Sorry. We've been busy.

We are in Shreveport where Elijah had his rod removed from his arm and his bone set to heal from the break. He is doing great. They fit us in today so the wait for his turn for the procedure was until 1:30, which meant no food all day. As soon as we were back in the room, I fed him and he went sound asleep. He's been in pain since Sunday evening with that broken bone. I know he'll feel much better soon. Doc says his wrist should be fine despite the rod coming out sooner than they had wanted (something Eli is known for). We plan to head back home tomorrow.

I am SO impressed with this hospital. The doctors care so much. David complimented the anesthesiologist with "take it from professional patients, you have great bed side manner." The doc choked up and told us he treats these kids like they are his own. It shows!

The surgeon tells me she thinks Eli has a vitamin D deficiency. So, we'll be tackling that upon our return home.

Sophia called me this morning saying, "I have exciting news!" She proceeded to tell me she has a loose tooth. I have to say, I was scared she might be telling me she found a dog and grammie said she could keep it.

Love to all,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eli's arm is broken

Elijah's arm with the rod is broken.

A series of events this evening ended with us at the ER to discover that the arm with the rod is broken and the rod is not in its rightful place. The ER docs will splint the arm and send Eli home with pain meds. Tomorrow, we will pursue with the Shreveport docs what they want us to do. Will keep you posted.

Swine flu symptoms were rampant in the ER. I kept Eli far away, but pray we stay infection free. David too!

Despite the end to the day stinking, I had a lovely Mother's Day. My brother brought over pizza for the whole family so that the three moms didn't have to do anything. So sweet!

To all the moms out there, I hope your day was delightful. To all of the extraordinary moms out there, I hope the day had a flare of ordinary!

Love you all,


Top photo is Sophia before going on stage for her talent show (show in next blog entry). Then you see Sophia in her Easter dress and Eli playing with Sophia over daddy's shoulder. Last, that is Eli under his TV tray. My mom gave us this great idea to buy Eli a floor TV tray to play on. It's just his height. This week, he scooted right underneath the thing and fit perfectly. He wasn't stuck, just checking it out then he scooted back out. I love to watch him explore.

Love you all,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sophia's Got Talent

Drumroll please...

Everyone and their dog and their dog's agent has been waiting to see how Sophia did in this afternoon's talent show. I won't keep you in suspense... she was fantastic. Go Sophia!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eli's nurse Kim

Please say a special prayer today for Eli's nurse Kim. Please pray for her health and comfort. I do not have details to share.

Kim, I know you read Eli's blog sometimes. If you read this, please call me when you are able. We love you and Kylissa.

Other news, Eli's glasses are on order in color chocolate. He's going to be even cuter.

Love to all,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eli's bump not so extraordinary

So, there is a reason that Elijah gets skilled nursing in the home...make that many reasons, but today, Nurse Melody earned her keep. I told her about the "new" bump on Eli's recently roded arm. I knew she'd take a look at it for me. This afternoon as she was reporting on Eli's day I asked her about that crazy bump. She kindly pointed out to me that he has one very similar on the other arm too. Uh, turns out that Eli's arms each have that bump. The one on the arm with the rod in it is more prominent so I'm not totally nuts, just partially. Don't tell the insurance company that Eli went to the ER for an ordinary bump present on both arms.

This will be confirmed on Monday when the docs in Shreveport confirm the x-ray is fine. I'm happy for this to be nothing. I admit I am really overly cautious with Eli's arm situation since last time he got so terribly ill due to an infection in the arm. I'm sure you all can get a good laugh out of this, as did I, so I'm fine with it, laugh.

David still isn't feeling 100%, although he is better. I am still dragging around keeping up with my duties.

Sophia really, really wants a puppy. She asks about it every day. Today, a friend's mom told Sophia that they give puppies away at the animal shelter. She came in SO excited that the animal shelter was having a sale. She thought we should rush right out to get her a "free" puppy. David and I know there is nothing "free" about a dog you don't have to pay for up front. We'll see. We'd need a very obedient, shed-free companion that wouldn't require frequent visits to the vet...does that even exist?

Here's to ordinary bumps,