Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tears of Joy, part 62

Gene Siskel said that the best way to criticize a bad movie is to make a better movie. Thus do we overcome the crushing sadness of the recent altercation (see previous post, or better yet, skip it) by moving on to the kind of inspiring moment we've come to expect from our little hard-working superhero. Today Elijah went to occupational therapy and had a lot of fun playing with toys and jumping and flipping and stuff. I had to step out to make a phone call, and when I came back, our new friend Suzette said she had something to show me. I assumed she had some kind of exercise she wanted me to do with Elijah at home, so I took it in stride. I sat down and watched as he picked up a ball, aimed it quite carefully, and threw it at three "dinosaur bowling pins," knocking them all down with impressive accuracy. We clapped and cheered. But that's not what Suzette wanted to show me. Elijah crawled up a set of benches into his own chair (an impressive feat on its own) and sat at the table. Then Ms. Suzette helped him prepare to show me something new. When I saw him start to do this, tears sprung to my eyes. I'm weepy watching it again right now. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED...

That's right. Elijah is now capable of holding a regular-sized marker and drawing on a piece of paper with it. This has been THE goal of our OT time for the past two years. He won't be able to truly keep up in the public school classroom until he is able to manipulate writing utensils at his desk. And now, that day has arrived. It's one thing to have faith that what you pray for will come to pass, but there's something miraculous about witnessing it first-hand. I saw a miracle today.

By the way, Melissa hasn't seen this video yet, so don't tell her. She's getting a phone call from me right now.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm not a monster

We went to a park last night...all four of us. Two other 4-year-old children at the park immediately became interested in Eli. They squated in front of him staring. Eli said "I am four and this is my mom (waving to me). My name is Eli." Eli was the only polite one of the bunch. They just watched him.

One asked me, "Where are his feet?" I said, "We left them at home." I heard one comment to another later, "He has three fingers and one thumb." A bit later, one said "He looks like a monster with those feet." My sweet Eli said to no one in particular, "I'm not a monster." David corrected the kid telling him that was unkind to say and he should never say that about another person.

I knew Eli's spirit was untouched by the incident.

I was mad at the kid, but heart broken that Eli heard the declaration. Sophia missed the exchange, but later caught on that some kids were treating her brother unkindly. She is very protective. Love her.

Today, Eli doesn't know he's any different from anyone else. I'm basking in that.

Love you all,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sophia Sings, Sets The Gold Standard

VIDEOS TONIGHT of Sophia's very first piano and voice recital. You have GOT to see the performance that all of Tulsa will be talking about for the next month-and-a-half. Prepare yourself for "The Glory of Love," which is the rendition the kid sings in the movie "Beaches." Our darling girl makes the song her very own, and the crowd actually gasped with delight at how she nailed it.

And here's her piano recital. She's only been playing the piano for about eight weeks, so we're all super-proud of her for playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" flawlessly and by memory in front of this big audience. She was the least experienced pianist in the show, so she played first. And since she was the MOST experienced vocalist (even performing next to teenagers), she also closed the show. We're just absolutely bursting with pride tonight.

BONUS VIDEO: I know you're asking, "So when does Elijah start singing professionally?" It won't be long now, and here's the proof. He accompanied us to Sophia's voice lesson this week, and he couldn't wait to take the microphone.

Many of you wonder, though few have asked, How does Sophia deal with her brother always getting the spotlight? Honestly, her mother and I worry about that as well, but on nights like these, it's clear there's nothing to worry about. Not only is Sophia making her own mark in the world, but she's always comfortable -- nay, looking forward to -- sharing the spotlight with her best friend Eli. And if you saw how attentively Elijah listened during his sister's performances tonight, you'd know he considers her an important part of his life as well.

So Proud!!!