Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Famous Elijah

Sophia describes her baby boy, "He's one of those special kids who everyone knows. He's lucky."

I suppose her description is pretty accurate. She is always amazed at how everyone she knows asks her about Elijah. She has no idea how all of these people know about her baby brother.

Elijah is doing so much better. He is sitting up. He won't scoot or lay himself down or get up from a laying position, but I know that will come as his wounds heal. His plumbing is in order, his ear is healing and his mood is happier. And, he's still super cute!

Remember, Eli's not-as-famous sister is your favorite Girl Scout and cookie sales start Saturday.

Love you all,


Alicia said...

Sophia sounds like such a proud sister. I would buy some cookies if she lived here in California! I am so glad Eli is feeling better and back to his happy self. You are all so lucky to have one another.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet gilie you have there.I just know she is a Super Big Sister.I would buy some cookies if you all were in MO because I just know she is one of the cutest and sweetest girlscouts in the world.SO glad that Eli is doing so much better.I have visions of him once he starts feeling better as he heals,that he will just really move.
Leveta--still praying