Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter, you are dismissed

We've been on over drive the last bit.
David has pneumonia.
Eli has an ear infection.
I'm recovering from a cold that David caught which gave him pneumonia.
Sophia is fighting off the cold, which she caught from David or me...who knows.
The positive side, we are a very sharing family.
For those of you close to us just finding out the above via the blog, I apologize. We are all on the mend and no real need to sound any alarms. We are ready for a germ-free spring and summer!

Eli had an appointment today. Doc says he might still be ready for surgery on Wednesday if things clear up in his head a bit. We'll take him back in Monday morning to be sure. If doc clears Eli, we'll head to Shreveport for Eli's next surgery. This one will be a duplicate of the pinky muscles being moved to the thumb side on the other hand...that'd be the right hand.

I'd love to skip this surgery. I feel like we just now recovered from the Jan 5 surgery. But, it's so tempting to see the end of this list of surgical interventions and so we are forging ahead.

We are planning to go to the Shriner's Circus on Saturday. We plan to take Eli. This will be his first experience with something like this. I bet he loves it.

My brother and his precious Somer are expecting a baby...any day now...pray for baby surprises...boring entry into this wonderful world...that prayer has far more meaning to me since Eli's radical entrance.

Grandma Edna is still in the hospital in Dallas. Thanks for remembering her.

Love you all,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Year's Tasty Valentine

Every year, David makes my valentine. This year, it is an edible bouquet made of fruit especially for Sophia and me. He melted chocolate too, which Eli even enjoyed.
I cannot be sure if any of the chocolate actually made it to Eli's taste buds, but he enjoyed the smearing on his face. We had a ball.
Thanks, Valentine, for the wonderful treat.

Photos of the kiddos

Sophia is going to see Sleeping Beauty Ballet today with her Girl Scout Troop. Isn't she SO cute! Yes, there is another dusting of snow on the ground today, but that never factors into Sophia's selection of clothing...we did decide on boots, which kind of match the outside conditions.
Eli's using his walker to "walk, walk."

Love you all,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eli can wink

I'm sure you all enjoyed David's video as much as I did (see below). Can you beleive that wink? Since then, when we ask Eli to close one eye and someone who can wink shows him, he can do it. That won't be me, I CAN'T WINK. When Sophia was a tiny tot she winked by switching back and forth between winking each eye about 10 times. I was shocked. Looks like Eli has the RAMIREZ winking gift.

We are in pursuit of Elijah's recertification for his medicaid coverage. We have to go through some paperwork every year to keep him covered. This year, we are required to get him a psychological evaluation including an IQ test. Eli is so smart, but we're hoping he won't show his best skills during this particular evaluation. (wink, wink)

Eli slept better last night. We take it one night at a time and are hoping for more of the same tonight. Go Eli!

Grandma Edna (my mom's mom) is in the hospital again. This time she was visiting Dallas when she was admitted to a hospital there. She is in bad shape after a staph infection in that fluid around her lungs. Keep her in your prayers.

Love you all,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Cute Late Night Eli

Eli just happened to be up late -- AGAIN -- and he wanted to say hello to you. This video includes a closer look at Elijah's feet post-op, as well as some philosophical thoughts from Dad and a few entertaining moments from the boy, including a ridiculously cute surprise at the end.


And now a classic from the Elijah Video Blog playlist... Eli and his Granna during the Christmas vacation playing in the evening on the living room floor. Those family members out there who know Anna best will appreciate her selection of hand puppet.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Drum roll, please...

Presenting the most beautiful legs in the world!

Eli is much more comfortable without the splints. Will he sleep? That is the question yet to be answered.

Love you all,