Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Surgery Complete

Elijah is in recovery. He will likely be there for 1.5 hours before we can see him. Dr. Gates said everything went very well. He removed a wedge of Elijah's fused bones plus a little to give the veins and nerves room. He is in splints and a strap around his thighs to keep his legs together since he's used to a sprawl.

Doc says Elijah can stand up as soon as he's ready. His bones are strong with a metal plate and screws.

He'll be on a pain pump until the IV in his head goes bad, which is usually pretty quick, then pain med through the g-tube.

I'm excited for Eli. He'll get to walk! What a miracle!

The pain is coming, it's hard to watch.

Love all,


Nellie said...

This is great news. Yea Eli! Yea Dr. Gates! Yea family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord and thank you Melissa for keeping us updated. We know you are going to be very busy but just a word to let you know we are with you in prayer and thanksgiving. Grandma Bobbie

Anonymous said...

I am praying.What a blessing to have a great doctor you can trust and how neat to know that he will be walking soon.