Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pass the salt, if you must.

Sometimes it hits me out of no where. It's like a knife stabbing deeper into my unsuspecting heart. Today, while minding my own business at the nail salon (one of my few indulgences), I was watching a little girl and her mother as the mother worked to keep the child entertained while she had her pedicure. In my mind, this child was at least 6. The nail technician asked the child, "how old are you?" I didn't hear her response, but I heard her mom say "no, you are THREE." I gasped. The child four times the size of my Eli is his age? Shoot! My eyes automatically filled with tears and the salt poured into the open wound. When will it heal?

Are you ready for more honesty from the Ramirez home? We are dreading Eli's next surgery. I cannot think of one surgery that we've looked forward to. It's such an interesting frame of mind: we work like mad to make sure Eli is prepared and healthy for surgery, but we dread every minute of it with our entire beings.

This surgery for Eli is not one well practiced even at the Shriner's hospital. I'm not even sure our precious and brilliant Dr. Gates has performed such a surgery in his career. Eli's knees are stuck at a 90 degree angle. His knees do not bend. He has no knee joint. His bones are fused at the right angle. One week from Wednesday, Dr. Gates will open Eli's leg, remove a portion of his fused bones and then reset the bones straight. When the bones, skin, muscle and leg heal, Eli will have a completely new leg structure.

He's known nothing but these stuck-in-a-bend legs. These legs, though, give him great balance and the ability to scoot around on the floor to his heart's desire. We'll be taking away some of his abilities, but it's a trade up...eventually. I wish it could happen with great speed that Eli will move into the ability to walk, but I know he will need a lot of time to heal before he can take that on.

Please pray for our family as we prepare for another difficult adventure with the Shriner docs and nurses in Shreveport. Today, Eli has an ear infection and a lot of congestion. Pray for his complete healing. David has pneumonia. Everyone is on the rebound, but time is limited...we need quick, miraculous recoveries.

In my heart, I know Eli will be walking by Christmas. Come on Christmas, we're ready!

With love and gratitude,


Lora L Roberts said...

I so understand the tears in your eyes, I still do the same thing and Jeremy is 11 years old. I so understand about the surgery and in 3 weeks and 4 days we will be facing a surgery that scares me to death as well. Hang in there, know I am here for you....

Anonymous said...

Melissa and David: Marvin does not dream often but he said he had a dream just a few nights ago. He cannot get it out of head. There was Eli walking toward him, upright and smiling big. He saw no prosthesis but a standing tall boy. We are all dreaming of that time. Keep us posted and know we are cheering and praying every step of the way. Love you so much.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand those feelings you are having.I would be the same way.Our Sam had ear surjury about 3 years ago and it was no where near what you are getting ready to face and I was a nervous wreck.Jesus understands those fears too and I will be praying that you will feel His presence in a very big and strong way as you near the time for this surjury and as you go through it.Praying also that all of you are on the mend soon and feeling better.

Lynnelle said...

My heart aches as I read this. I will be praying for Eli as you endeavor on this new part of the journey.