Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Checked in

Elijah is checked into the hospital. He's experienced the flurry of tests he's used to the day before surgery -- blood pressure, oxygen level, temperature, OT, PT, x-ray, etc. I think he knows the tests aren't really that bad even though he cries. I think he knows what comes next...

Many of the in-patient unit staff know Eli and say "Hi Eli, you're back." Eli likes that. We're treated like family here.

Sophia is busy entertaining Elijah with all of her might. Smiles. Hugs. Fun ideas. Songs. She's the greatest big sister. As I write, Eli and Sophia are riding in a wagon around and around the unit. Anything to take Eli's mind off of where he is and what that means.

Pray for Eli's peace. Pray he remains pain free. Pray he sleeps tonight. Pray he forgets this stay in Shreveport. Pray for Eli's doctor, Dr. Gates. Pray for his wisdom and his skilled hands. Pray for the kind nurses here as they care for Eli. Pray for safe travels for us and our supporters.

Special thanks to the family house sitting for us and the family dog sitting Charlie. Love you guys!

More soon.


Anonymous said...

praying now
praying tonight
praying tomorrow
praying tomorrow night
praying some more after that...

MIss Kate said...

LLH has been praying for Eli. Avree asked about him today, so we prayed extra because he was on her mind.

Looking forward to the updates...we'll keep praying!

Love you guys!

Stacie said...

Praying for each of you and for those doctors and nurses involved in this surgery.

Love you all,

Hewett Happenings said...

Keeping all of you in our prayers.