Saturday, July 3, 2010

Super Cute Late-Nite Plea

Last night was a humdinger, with both kids staying up watching TV until 11:00. Sophia finally started to drift off, but Elijah was going strong, playing on the floor with his big cardboard blocks, mostly setting them up and knocking them down. I saw my chance, so I swooped down and scooped Eli up. He instantly went from giggling and talking to the block to saying, "Help me, Sophia! Help me, Sophia!" over and over with his hands stretched out toward his sister, who was groggy and oblivious. I couldn't help laughing but tried to keep it to myself; if he heard me, he'd think it was still playtime. (By the way, Eli passed out as soon as his head hit the bed.)

"Help me, Sophia! Help me, Sophia!"


Anonymous said...

That is SO funny! Such a smart little boy to know what to say in the time of need (o: So cute!

Rob and Kathy said...

Your last two posts have made us laugh. Eli is a born comedian! His personality is SO like our Rusty's. Both of your kids are beautiful and precious! You are blessed!

bobalot said...

Love it !! He knows from where his help cometh !!
He will help Daddy and encourage him, ie.."Don't give up, Daddy" but when there is real need, sister should be there...You guys are such interesting people. Love you all...