Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elijah receives Hero status!


This morning, Eli woke up with a smile. A huge victory for the whole Eli team. Elijah's Granna, my mother-in-law, wrote an inspiring rendition of our week in Shreveport that I know you will enjoy reading.

From Granna (Anna Ramirez)
If you have been following the blog you know that Eli had another surgery last Wednesday. Thank each and every one of you for your prayers and help. He is home now and doing well.

John, Mark (our son), and I traveled to Shreveport to be with Eli and his family and Melissa's parents, Ken and Sue. We know he recognizes the Shriners Hospital when they pull up to the gate. We know that his knowledge of what will happen must be sparked by the six hour drive preceding arrival at the familiar gate. After all he is a really smart guy.

When we arrive we all are always greeted by the most friendly people at the front desk and walking down the halls we encounter many smiles, some looks of frustration from children and parents who are working on physical therapy. There are some protective looks from kids who know what it is to be in this facility of good and bad things. The most unbelievable happy greetings come from nurses, especially when they know we are here to see Eli Ramirez.

The best part is walking into the play room where David and Eli are and hearing this kid scream, "GRANNA!" Excuse me but that is such unspeakable joy. That's just me. (He does the same for John and Mark but for now, I'm the one writing and I get to tell it my way.) There are kisses and hugs all around and then we're on the floor playing non-stop. Finally, Eli climbs the steps to sit in front of the lighted bubble tower that changes colors. As he climbs down he makes it down the first step and falls asleep on the second. This is going full throttle and running completely out of steam. We've stayed past visitation hours but it was worth the only negative word we received the whole visit from the security guard who had to let us out. Tomorrow will be a long day full of unknowns, prayers and waiting. Eli will be the focus and God will be in control.

I don't know that I've really ever had a hero. I just never trusted people that much. I've had people I admire, those I love more than life itself, and those I am grateful for. Hero status just hasn't been something I attached to anyone I've ever known, until now. I have found my hero. He's pure and innocent and he doesn't seek anyone's permission or admiration. He doesn't pretend to be brave and he lets everyone know when it hurts or when he's mad about what's happening to him. In the same breath he can say I love you, thank you, bye bye or give a high five. He gets it and doesn't flaunt the fact that he's been brave, courageous or incredibly amazing. He's not famous and doesn't get millions of dollars for his talent. He teaches himself to do the impossible and makes others see that they are just lazy if they don't try as hard as he does. We have learned so much about God's definition of perfection from a little guy who is very different from the run of the mill people around him. Because of him we get to be around his friends and compatriots who are as unique and incredible as he is. This guy is going to show us all how to live our lives without rewards or trophies. He is teaching us that satisfaction is something as small as getting a drink of water and as huge as pushing through the pain to run!

Yesterday we walked into the room and his eyes were bright and his smile was huge. We knew he had a six hour ride home in a car that would toss him over each bump. He kissed us goodbye and gave us high fives. We got in the car for our own ten hour drive and at the end of the day we were complaining about being cramped, hungry, and tired.

We had already forgotten.

This morning as I was writing this, Melissa called to report on how things went last night. She said she woke up to hear Eli yelling "No, Daddy NO!". David needed to change his diaper and he knew it was going to hurt. Melissa and David and Eli got the diaper changed and they all went back to sleep.

Hero status granted to Eli Ramirez...and I get to be his granna.


Anonymous said...

Leveta here again.Many people might say they want to meet Brad Pitt or Hannah Montanna or the president or some other famous person but I want to meet my hero Eli.I don't know right now of anyone else who has been through so much at his age and just keeps on keeping on.You GO Eli and all your family.Praying God's richest blessings on you today.

Fitzgerald Family said...

To Eli's Granna - That was beautifully written. I have followed along and prayed for Eli for several months. He is an amazing little boy. I came across his blog one day and the minute I saw his precious smile, I was committed to praying for him. He is special and I believe that God has something great in store for him.

Wendy said...

You are so right, Eli is a true definition of hero. Thanks for sharing your blog and Eli's story. Wendy Lucas (Susie's sister)

Anonymous said...

This brought both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Eli stole a piece of my heart the first time I looked into his eyes a couple years ago.... there is just a radiant beauty about him. GO ELI!!