Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elijah Plays with Cars

For those of you who don't know my husband personally, what you miss is that he is extremely resourceful and creative (perhaps you pick that up in his writing). David figured out a way for Elijah to sit in his chair (it's a plastic chair with high sides and back, not far off the floor) with his TV tray across the arm rests with our ottoman holding it in place so that Eli could play with his cars on the TV tray top. I was very impressed and Eli sat there like the big boy he is playing and playing.

Eli is very tense when we pick him up. David taught him to say "be gentle." I think that makes him feel better even though we would be gentle with or without his request. He remains on pain medication, but he is feeling better every day. Just two more weeks and he'll be back in Shreveport to have his new, fabulous legs revealed. Can't wait.

It's so invigorating for us to be able to focus on something NEW rather than the NEXT surgery....there is NO next surgery. I will interject that Elijah will need new tubes in his ears, but come on folks, that's nothing compared to his list of procedures so I can hardly call it surgery. Now, we get to focus on helping Eli learn to LOVE to eat like the rest of us. Learn to use his new legs to help him walk. Learn to better articulate his sounds so that we can understand every word of his constant talking. We can focus on potty training and sleeping through the night. These things are all so important to Eli's life, but until we could see past this long list of surgical intervention and everything that comes with that, they had to be on the back burner. Now, they are front and center! In fact, in August Eli will begin a weekly food therapy program and have a swallow study. He will see the ear doctor for a plan for new tubes. And he will begin school again in a class for more advanced little fellas like him. August is buzzing!

Thank you for continuing to pray for Elijah's comfort and healing. Joy bubbles up inside me to see Eli smile and thank God, he is smiling again constantly.

Love you all so very much. Thank you for keeping up with Elijah. You will never fully know how your prayers and concern have changed his life, but know that they have!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like wonderful things are going to be happening in Eli's life.How neat! Continuing to pray.