Thursday, July 22, 2010

Difficult Day

Elijah is in a great deal of pain. Perhaps the most pain after any of his nearly 15 surgeries. He cries in terror whenever we change his diaper or pick him up. He remains on the pain pump, but his pain persists. I also think he is scared of the potential pain. I know it will improve day by day, hour by hour, but it is very hard for us to watch.

Elijah's experiences age him. I know I haven't experienced the level of pain he has endured in 3.5 years. Wish I could go through it for him.

We are unsure if we will be making the journey home tomorrow or having to stay another night. I know the ride home will be very hard on Eli.

Thank you all for praying for our sweet child. We treasure you.



Anonymous said...

So sorry about the pain. Is Clifford getting any sleep?
Still praying...Minipak

Anonymous said...

Dear Children: Knowing how it hurts you and me, Eli must be so filled with pain and questions, ie. I was happy last week, what happened...but when he can endure all of this and again feel full of vim and vigor, questioning what and how, it will be another celebration for certain. I can see him strutting now. To be able to vision only the future victory given through our Lord and Savior. OH what a God we serve. Loving you real special.
Grandma Bobbie

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that your boy is having to experince so much pain.I am praying that the pain will get better and pray for his mommy and daddy as they go though this with him.

Miss Kate said...


Emily Kaye said...

I'm looking at my picture of Eli and his amazing smile and praying that smile will return to his beautiful face soon. I love you all and am praying as always.

RobandKathy said...

Read and reread yours and David's posts from this week. Can't even express how we feel about your little man and your whole family! The love we have for you all is a God-thing. We thank Him for the privilege of praying for you all and being a very small part of your life.

We can fully appreciate the gift of Eli because of our Rusty. Wish you all could have known him, but you WILL in HEAVEN! Eli and Rusty are soulmates...the similarities in their personalities are simply amazing! JOY is alive in them!

Thinking of Eli standing soon and walking/running? by Halloween IS amazing and yet SO probable because when his pain is gone, Eli will be ready for his new adventures! No wallowing in pity for that one, just "ok, what's next?"

You two have so perfectly painted Eli's personality and Sophia's with the words you write about them. We feel that we know them and the two of you as well as we could if we lived next door. Having known you and Mark as children, David, helps us feel that we know your kids.

Don't forget that two of your greatest fans live in Ada, OK. Love in Christ, Rob and Kathy God bless the FOUR of you as you rest and recuperate from this week and the stress of dreading it for so long. This Christmas will be your best one EVER!!!