Monday, November 10, 2008

Surgery complete

Elijah is out of surgery. The rod is out. Dr. Ranne and the docs at Shriners consulted to decide the rod must be removed for now. Please pray this doesn't mean another wrist centralization for Elijah's left arm. I think it could go either way. The Shriners would have preferred to have the rod remain another 3.5 weeks, but hopefully the fusing was complete before rod removal today. The Shriner's hope to see us in Shreveport next Tuesday.

Eli will remain in the hospital with a central line (also placed today) receiving IV antibiotics. His abscess turned out to be STREP also and not staph. So, he had a STREP blood infection and STREP in the abscess near his elbow where the rod was. I just have to think this was all related, somehow.

Today is a gloomy day in Tulsa. It is cloudy and rainy and I think it makes it harder for me to have a sunny outlook. I'm not sure how many times one set of parents can be expected to go through the routine of sending their kid to surgery, waiting for the call he's out and then going to his side in surgery recovery. To see your kid in pain will truly break your heart over and over. It wears on the soul.

Please pray for quick recovery for Elijah. Pray we are all set for our R&R trip later this month.

Love to all,


Sarah H. said...

My prayers are with you my friend. We were just there a few weeks ago. Someones gotta keep Dr. Ranne in business right. lol

Stacie said...

I so relate to the heartache of waiting and watching. God bless you all. Hoping and praying for a quick recovery.

Much love,