Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Icky Leaky

Elijah's Mickey button is leaking and leaking and leaking.

We had a horrible morning on Monday when Elijah's nurse discovered his Mickey button had popped out of his tummy leaving the exposed hole for part of the night. She and David rushed immediately to put in a new button, but Eli started non-stop, screaming. Not fussing, but screaming. The "I'm in PAIN" scream that I clearly differentiate from the I'm bored or I'm tired cry. It was frightening and I was just on the other end of the telephone. They rushed him to the surgeon's office where he was fitted with a new, larger button and the screaming stopped (an hour and a half after it began). Rough morning.

But, since, his button has been leaking, which is a real problem because he is leaking important gastric juices necessary for proper digestion of his food and his calorie-containing food too. We'll be headed back to the doctor to seek a solution to this problem.

Other than constantly leaking his stomach contents, Elijah is doing really well. He continues to master his side scoot and is officially mobile for the firs time in his life. Where he can go is very limited due to the nature of his scoot, but I'm counting this in his long list of impressive accomplishments. He also blows kisses, says hi and loves those who love him. He's a joy.

Other family update: Sophia has a (5 week old) sinus infection and David has bronchitis. My grandmother will have a heart valve replaced and David's grandfather has a new pacemaker (which is doing great).

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