Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eli's ordeal

Elijah remains in the hospital at Saint Francis in Tulsa. He has STREP in his blood stream and STAPH in the abscess in his elbow, which has been lanced and drained. Eli is on heavy-duty antibiotic through an IV. This evening, we discovered the rod in his arm (placed early September to centralize his wrist) is STICKING OUT of his elbow. You read correctly, we can see the rod, people.

So tomorrow we are either headed to Shreveport to have the Shriner docs remove the rod or we'll let the Shriner docs tell a Tulsa doc that he/she can remove the rod. Either way, Elijah is going to have his seventh or eighth surgery (I've lost count). We would really prefer to have the procedure performed in Tulsa, but we just want what's best for Elijah.

Pretty scary stuff for our sweet Elijah, but we work through each new issue seeking the best possible solution for our son. We have great support in Tulsa.

The long story for the weekend is that I had promised the BEST big sister in the world that I would take her to Silver Dollar City for the weekend, then Eli ended up in the ER Friday afternoon. My super husband was extremely persuasive in convincing me that I should feel okay about leaving Dad and Eli in the hands of the capable staff at Saint Francis. I felt awful about that, but equally awful at the possibility of letting Sophia down. My dear friend Nellie stepped in and helped us by not only watching and caring for Eli for hours at a time in the hospital, but also advocating on his behalf while she was his caregiver. She filled my absent shoes quite well and we are indebted. Thanks, Nellie.

Further, we've been planning a vacation for the whole Ramirez family to Florida for late November and now we have this to get squared away in advance of leaving in only two weeks. We need the break. We need a healthy kid.

Please pray:
Pray for Elijah's speedy recovery from the superbugs infecting his little body.
Pray for our upcoming trip and that everything goes as planned.
Pray we get the rod out of Elijah in the right manner and that Elijah is healed completely.
Pray his corrected bone is unaffected by this hiccup.
Pray he is well for his upcoming Dec. 3 wrist centralization on the other side.
Pray that Sophia continues to know in her heart that she is the best big sister in the world. Let her not feel overlooked by the extraordinary brother she was blessed with.

Thank you to Elijah's large community of support.

Pictures from Silver Dollar City soon.

Love to you all,

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