Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scary diagnosis, but everything's better

First of all, the blood culture came back positive. That means Elijah has staph in his blood stream. Now the good news. The best way to treat his situation is with IV antibiotics, and he's been on the best available since Friday night. His fever is still absent, his attitude is great, and he doesn't seem to be in any danger.

Also good news: We talked to the GI surgeons this morning, and they explained how to use his new feeding tube button so that he can burp. People, he burped for the first time this morning since last Thursday. That's alarming! So needless to say, he feels much better.

Looks like that pin in his wrist is the culprit, both for the bloodstream infection as well as the abcess that was causing him so much pain on his elbow. (We lanced it, and Eli is very glad we did.) So it's Shreveport or bust on Monday. Pray for safe travel, and also, Eli will still have the IV in his foot during the trip (he needs 14 days of IV venkimyicon), so pray that we keep him comfortable and painfree.

Thanks for praying this weekend. We could really use some more.

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