Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Blog Family

It isn't just the season that makes me remember all of my blessings. I am constantly reminded of all I have to be thankful for. I recently listened to a powerful sermon series by Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church in Georgia titled "Why Worry?" Starting the series I was pretty sure I could give Mr. Stanley a pretty worthwhile list of answers to his question. But, listening to his series made me well aware of a wonderful new perspective. By remembering God's faithfulness, what do we have to worry about? The main point I took from his sermon is to do all we can today and not worry about tomorrow. He isn't saying that we can sit around and not work, not be smart or not use our God-given talents to prepare for our future. But, after we've done our part today, there is no reason to worry about tomorrow. We have to remember the God our parents taught us about, the God we taught our children about and the God who has seen us through the dark times IS the SAME God who has held us as we faced whatever came our way.

It reminds me of how I sat in the parking lot before taking our 4 week old mystery child up for a vision test with the super specialist in the state. I BEGGED my Heavenly Father to spare his sight. I begged. During the appointment we were told the devastating news that his retinas did not respond to light. His sight might slightly improve, we just don't know. Have I told you how each time we get horrible news, one of us is devastated and the other is calm. This was my turn to be calm. At the time, it didn't even enter my mind that the test could actually be wrong. I didn't realize at the time that doctors are sometimes wrong and sometimes they give really horrible news that just isn't right. Today, Elijah can see. He can see! He can see! They were wrong! My Father held me through that time of uncertainty and he was faithful to reveal Eli's sight. I remember that often as we move through Elijah's journey.

I still have no answer for why my family was selected to have a child with such extraordinary circumstances, but I do know that the same God I've trusted my entire life is the same God who created my son in His likeness. That's good enough for me.

Honestly, having Elijah in my life puts everything else in perspective. I don't worry about the small stuff. The electric bill comes in far higher than expected, oh well, it's just money and Eli must stay cool. The ice maker stops working, oh well, we'll buy ice (until dad makes it over to let the ice maker have it). Life is very different having such an extraordinary kid. The formerly insignificant blessings in life are now colossal and the formerly big problems are far less overwhelming.

I hope you all can find some perspective in your life WITHOUT having something as life-altering as an extraordinary kid join your family. : )

We remain on the beach. I'm watching the waves crashing as I write from the 11th floor of the condo high rise we're in. So much fun. So relaxing and so great to watch God's glorious creation. Eli is faring well. Sophia is having a ball. Granna and Grandpa are such a huge help to making our vacation an actual vacation.

I must again thank Red Sky Church for helping to make our trip possible. The kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze and truly bless me.

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

WOW, the ocean looks so very beautiful. I am so happy for all of you to get to be surrounded in God's amazing art work.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful testimony, Melissa. God bless you. G.B.

Rhonda White said...

Hi Melissa! I work at Eagle Point Christian Academy and our principal (Jim Pryor) told us about your beautiful boy. My homeroom class, ten juniors and seniors, have been praying for him daily since. One of the students has an extrodinary sister at home, whom we also pray for. Thanks for sharing Eli's story with us! We have a BIG God, who is in the business of miracles! God bless your family!