Friday, November 7, 2008

Elijah's in the hospital... AGAIN??

Friends and family, we could really use some heavy-duty prayer tonight. We brought little Elijah to the emergency room at Saint Francis this afternoon. His elbow is swollen and red, and the pin we placed in his arm is protruding a little. You will recall we straightened his wrist at the Shreveport (LA) Shriners Hospital a month ago, and the pin is keeping his wrist straight as he adjusts to the new bone structure.

The first thing they found was that his white blood cell count is very high, which is a laymen's term for "He's sick." One of two things is probably going on. Either he's got a staph infection that's irritating his elbow and skin, related somehow to the pin getting out of place, or there's some actual blood poisoning going on. People, we DESPARATELY don't want it to be the latter.

Pray pray pray PRAY tonight that Elijah can get through this quickly and with as little pain as possible. We're staying at the hospital over the weekend, with antibiotics and IV fluids getting pumped into him. Frankly, it's been a miserable day -- needles, X-rays, vitals taken every twenty minutes. But we seem to have a LOT of friends here at the hospital, and they got us admitted to our room faster than it's ever happened before. I'm comfortable, he's resting, and we just have to sit back and wait for the blood culture results in the morning.

If this goes down like we expect it to, we'll be on the road Monday to Shreveport to operate on the arm and remove the pin. It was scheduled for December, but there's really no harm in doing it now. Let's just hope and pray (I said pray already, didn't I?) that the current antibiotic battery will do the trick. He doesn't deserve any more bad news.

Dave the Dad


Megan said...

Prayed. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for the little guy.
Carrie (Friend of Angela Stevens)

Anonymous said...

Your family is an inspiration. You are definitely in our prayers.