Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good News for Eli

Elijah and David made the trip to Shreveport on Monday to see Elijah's hand specialist on Tuesday. She says his wrist is fine and that another surgery is not necessary. Ya Hoo! Plus, she is SURE there is no infection in his bone from his terrible bout with STREP. Hopefully this means that when we see Eli's infectious disease doc on Thursday he will take Eli off the IV antibiotic and we can get rid of that pesky central line coming out of his neck BEFORE we leave for Florida on Saturday.

The doc also decided that due to the infection Elijah is not ready for his other wrist surgery in December. That has been postponed to March. For me and David, that is sad news. We want to get through these surgeries so that Elijah can start relearning to use his hands and arms. Plus, we have to get through the wrist surgeries so that we can then schedule the thumb repositioning on each hand (two more surgeries in Shreveport). Elijah deserves to be able to grasp things normally rather than the struggle he goes through each time he wants to pick something up. Of course, he doesn't know there is an easier way yet.

David and I never want Elijah at any greater risk than necessary when he goes into surgery, so postponing is the best option.

Funny, I remember telling people when Elijah was three months old that I expected him to have five surgeries before he was 1: One on each wrist, one on each thumb and his cleft palate. He may have had five surgeries before he was 1, but they weren't the five I was planning. : ) Turns out I'm not a doctor. Hum!

I have been joking a lot lately that I didn't go into nursing for a reason. I'm not a nurse and dealing with a central line coming out of Eli is a bit much for me. But, I am a loving mother and from that perspective a central line is nothing but another means to an important end.

Thanks for your prayers for Eli. Please pray he remains INFECTION FREE! Pray that his immune system will receive a healthy boost this cold and flu season and that we will make it through without additional hospital stays.

I love you all,

P.S. I absolutely couldn't wait to post with the title "Good News." Feels so good.


Amberghini said...

We'll make a nurse out of you yet! You're just not getting paid for it-ha! xo!

Susie said...

Yay for Eli! Its so good read a post with "good news" in the title. Hope you all have a wonderful trip!
Susie Beymer