Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seriously? BACK in the hospital...

David says:

Well, we’ve been home from the hospital exactly one week, and Elijah developed a low-grade temperature last night. We watched it overnight, and by 1:00 today (Tuesday) it was 102.1. We ran to the urgent care clinic, and they told us his bloodwork didn’t show any signs of infection around the broviac (the tube into his aorta that’s currently his only source of nutrition), but with a temp of 105 – yep, you read correctly, 105 Farenheit – he needs to be treated as though a broviac infection is exactly what he has.

Melissa’s holding the miserable little kid at the hospital while I’m at home packing and writing to you lucky people. She asked if I’d update the blog, and I told her I wanted to calm down first, otherwise I’d just type “THIS SUCKS” a thousand times and hit “post.” So I guess I’m calm. But for the official record, this sucks.

Pray like crazy, as Deron Spoo says. I’ll write again soon with good news.



Anonymous said...

I hate to hear this! Hopefully the doctors will come up with a quick and simple solution. Prayers are going up.


Emily said...

Praying hard for you all.


Shawn said...

You are in our Prayers.

Shawn and Angie Laubach