Sunday, March 9, 2008

Home sweet home

The relief from finally being home from the hospital is our glee of the week. We’ve decided that Sophia doesn’t really care if she is home with us as long as she knows we are home and if she wanted to join us, she could. That’s fine with us.Elijah continues to be fed solely TPN through his semi-permanent central line (discussed in earlier posts). Monday he will have blood drawn to evaluate the TPN’s effectiveness and maybe reveal our next steps in getting him back to regular digestion.

I know your prayer lists for Eli are long and I thank you for continuing to lift up the requests mentioned earlier. Please also pray that David, the physicians, the surgeons and I will know the right time for Elijah’s next surgery that is currently scheduled for May 13 in Shreveport. We really hate the idea of getting his schedule off for his surgical interventions, but whatever is best for him is best.

Since we’ve been home from the hospital, Eli has lost more weight. That concerns me.

Elijah is attached to his dad. Even before his recent 3-week stint in the hospital, Eli had a favorite person: David. But now, his attachment is even deeper since David spent 3 weeks in the same room with Eli. Don’t get me wrong, I did my share of hospital time, but David was there far more than any of us. Whenever David gets within eye shot of Eli, he cries until David picks him up. Then Eli gives the person who was holding him this slanted eye look that says “Ha.” So cute to watch it happen to someone else, but not so fun when it happens to me! I’ve decided I am fine with it. David earned the top spot, for sure. I also remind David that Sophia used to do the same thing, but I was her favorite.

We’ve caught up on our sleep, at least as much as we ever can.

The Ramirezes signing the way, David may refer to us as the Ramiri,but to me, we will always be the Ramirezes. To my father-in-law, sorry.

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Emily said...

So glad you are home and getting some sleep...he does love his dad, but I can't wait til he's older....and, he loves you so much too Melissa. It's just a bit harder to tell.....

I'm glad Sophia is such a strong little one...what a great big sister he has been blessed with. She will protect him for years to come...I know that for sure.

I'm sorry he's losing the weight...and I hope the bloodwork comes back alright tomorrow...I'm anxious to get out and see you all soon!

Take care and know that I'm thinking of you all each day!