Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eli is home -- normalcy ensues

I got scolded by one of our friends today for not updating you all the moment Elijah was released from the hospital, which was yesterday in the late afternoon. She said that it worries her to not hear new info right away, especially when he's ill, and that the thousands of people she's sent the blog link to feel the same way. I had no idea!

Leaving the hospital is a crazy, hurried event compared to the days-long, pack-muleish setting up of camp when you first go in. That's my excuse, anyway, for not calling even my mother as soon as I heard the good news.

And the good news is good. Elijah's eating the same amount he was before the skull surgery on Jan. 28, and he's looking better than ever, with a warm glowing tan and a disposition to match. Now that he's in his own home, he's tolerating strangers with a smile, since none of them wear white coats. Having said that, I am deeply grateful to the strangers in white coats, Dr. Ranne and his team at St. Francis, for making this hospital stay MUCH smoother than the last one. Elijah is free from IV's and chest tubes, and we intend to keep it that way.

As to the second most pressing question of the week: No, we still have not caught a leprechaun.

Please pray that Elijah resume his weight gain at the same impressive clip he was at all through 2007. We'd very much like to keep our appointment for arm surgery in May.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy with this news! I hope that you and family have a Blessed Easter with your great family.