Friday, March 28, 2008

Eli has a central line, hurray

Dave from the hospital:

Dr. Ranne gave Elijah a central line yesterday afternoon so he could go back on the TPN (total nutrition through an IV line). The line is in his shoulder, which is less hinkey than a forehead line, but didn’t require surgery like the chest line. He tried to sleep last night, but there was some pain, and also, he hasn’t been able to tinker with his Corvette collection for, like, a week. The ’76 is still up on the blocks. You can just see it in his eyes…

Today at 3:00 he received formula for the first time all week. Since February of last year he’s been on Neocate, a formula so synthetic it actually tastes like plastic, but if you can believe we’ve got him on something even MORE of an affront to God’s nutritional plan for the human race. It’s called RCF, or Ross Carbohydrate Free, which would sound delicious if you saw it on the shelf with “A Coca-Cola Product” printed underneath. Actually, this stuff is soy-based protein only. Soon, the doctor plans to add fructose, which is the only carb the tummy can absorb without cilia (which Eli is missing at the moment as a result of his virus and c. diff back in February).

Grammie Ayers was on hand for the inaugral injection of RCF, and she said he was really happy afterward. You know how it is, long day, hard night, you get a shot of the good stuff, and it’s all in the past. We’re starting slowly, just a few mls at a time, and we’ll probably be here until the volume gets back up to the right level.

Please pray that the next time we escape Alcatraz is the last. Don’t get me wrong – we are still huge fans of the Saint Francis staff – but they are just as happy to see us go as we are to leave. Pray that he sleep well tonight, because that’s when his body has a chance to grow.

And also, please continue to pray for healing for baby Gavin.


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