Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tubes dudes tomorrow

Elijah remains snotty, coughy and semi-miserable, but his planned tube placement remains. We have to be at the clinic in the morning bright and early. Eli is the first surgery of the day, which should help the whole thing go a little easier. We want him to have tubes and we are counting on the tubes really helping his hearing and speech, but we don't want him in any extra danger, so we are ready for a cancellation if necessary.

Sophia has a pet.

Sophia has been asking for a pet for just about as long as she could. We've told her that Eli has to be bigger and this week her argument was "Eli is bigger." She's right, he is bigger and we didn't specify how big he had to be. Anyway, Sophia has a pet. Her requirements included furry, fluffy and one she could hold. Guesses on what?

Pics to come.

Love to all,


Pete and Linda said...

I would guess a guinea pig. We will be praying for Eli tomorrow. We wish all of you the best.

Emily Kaye said...

Hmmm...I think hamster...or maybe a miniature poodle. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll be very disappointed, but I bet it's a cat...hope it's not a rat!
- Lesli

I hope it's small and gets lost in the house. Just to add a little excitement. Hope you find it too.
- Carl

Amberghini said...

Furry and fluffy? That's David! Trick question! Oh, I guess he's out on the part where she can hold him! :P I'm going with hamster then! Praying for you tomorrow! (Later today, just got off work!) Love you guys! xo! Amber

Anonymous said...

Thanking the good LORD for his grace and mercy in seeing our darling boy through another time of being probed and punched. We have even more expectations now of his calling out names --- "Sophia" to get attention. He makes his presence known now in such a way we all can look forward to a better day. Our beautiful boy child !!! Grandma Bobbie