Friday, January 30, 2009

Elijah screams (with glee) during bathtime

Bathtime is torture, as every parent knows. Elijah has been especially unhappy about getting shoved into the tub, but we've seen signs of hope. Two days ago, I tried a new technique I picked up from Melody, our weekend nurse. I ran the bath while Eli was out of the room, where he couldn't hear the water running. It appears to be the SHRRRR sound of the faucet that sets him off. He got in and immediately started splashing his hands up and down with gusto. When a toy would float by, he's dunk it and laugh, or bat it away and watch it float. The only time he started crying was... wait for it... when I tried to get him OUT of the tub. Way to go, kid.

He is also learning about direction. He likes to hold my hands and scoot on his little boy bottom across the floor, and tonight I pulled him from the living room to the kitchen. I tried to aim him back toward the living room, but he refused to turn the correct direction. At last I figured it out--he wanted to walk to the staircase instead of the living room! His Grandpa Ken has taught him to "crawl" up the stairs, and it's one of his favorite things to do. And so, to reward him for remembering which way was upstairs, I did indeed walk him to the foot of the stairs, then one-by-one up to the top, then PLOP PLOP back to the bottom, and so on three more times. There's a tiny little muscle in my back that hasn't forgiven me, but Elijah is just to cute to deny.

Keep praying.
Dave the Dad

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Emily Kaye said...

Those back muscles are tough masters, but Eli is too cute to listen to your back all the time. :-) Just don't over-do and be flat on your back! You can't help anyone that way. Post some video for us!!!

Love you!