Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ramirez Theatre Presents (1 of 3)

Elijah is definitely responding more to sounds after his tube surgery. His nurse Kim says that when Dora the Explorer is talking to the cows and the cows talk back, Eli is mimicing the "moooo" sound. That's breathtaking. Our goal, of course, is to improve his speech. He seems to hear so many different kinds of sounds, but he still isn't forming words. Pray that we make some progress in the next week as we consult with speech and nutrition therapist. (Why nutrition? If Elijah can transition ever-so-slowly to solid foods, it will improve his mouth's ability to attempt speech-related tasks. Obviously we can't afford to risk any weight-loss, but the whole this is such a delicate balancing act, and we've got to start somewhere. Like I said, PRAY.)

Now sit back and enjoy some videos:

1. Merry Christmas from Elijah and Family

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