Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ramirez Theatre Presents (3 of 3)

3. Happy Birthday Elijah! (It's a Festivus Miracle)

On Sophia's first birthday, my wife Melissa placed our daughter in front of a chocolate cake and allowed her to eat as much of it as possible. I was horrified, but honestly, I can't remember why. We did the same thing with Elijah on his first birthday, and he looked so wonderful digging into that cake. Having said all that, if I'd known the plan this year was to set Elijah in front of the ONLY cake, the one we were about to serve to about 18 family members, I might have raised a word of caution or two. Honestly, I don't know why I bother.

And yes, you read correctly, Elijah's birthday falls on Festivus (the holiday for the Rest-of-us). Google the term if you must, but my grandparents knew exactly what it was. Grandpa Marvin suggested that we place a Festivus pole in the center of the living room during Eli's party, and he thought the IV pole in Eli's room would be the perfect ironic centerpiece. Next year, please be sure to send Elijah your fondest birthday and Festivus wishes concurrently. He shall, in turn, air his grievences regarding his father.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma Bobbie wrote: The Holiday for the rest of us. It is never too late to have another day to celebrate and a special day for Elijah!!!!And he showed his appreciation to everyone.
I am so sorry I had to miss the party but you know it was not on purpose. Accidents do happen.
Love the video. Thanks for sharing.