Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies from Sophia

Sophia is a first-year Girl Scout and she is selling the famous Girl Scout cookies right now. You may send me your pre-order at The cookies are $4 a box, but if I need to ship them to you, please add $1.50 per box...locals or soon-to-visit out-of-towners, I'm happy to get them to you in person. The cookies will be in hand March 1. You may also select to buy cookies to be donated to the soldiers through Blue Star Mothers.

Cookie offerings:
Thin Mints
NEW Lemon Chalet Cremes (vanilla sandwich cookie with a hint of Cinnamon-ginger spice and a refreshing zesty lemon creme filling)
Trefoils (shortbread cookie)
NEW Dulce De Leche (Latin-inspired cookie with milk caramel chips and stripes)
Sugar free Chocolate Chip
Dosi Dos (oatmeal cookie with peanut butter filling)
Tagalongs (cookies topped with peanut butter and covered with chocolate coating)
Samoas (vanilla cookies covered with caramel, rolled in toasted coconut and striped with chocolate)

Sophia is accepting orders to reach her 100 box goal. You may e-mail orders to me

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

How many more boxes does Sophia need to sell. I can always send more to