Friday, December 12, 2008

Waiting to hear

We are still waiting to hear something from Eli's cranial surgeon. Eli is happy. We've decreased his food intake, which has decreased his vomiting, but that really is not a good solution.

Elijah is failing his tempanograms, which is clear indication he has fluid again built up in his ears. It impedes his hearing and further delays his speech development. Tubes in the ears last only a limited amount of time and the ones we placed in Eli's ears about 15 months ago have made their way out. So, we're in talks with Eli's ENT doc too about redoing the tubes and possibly performing a partial adenoidectomy. I was surprised to learn that after the age of about 6 months, one's adenoids do nothing, but fill a space. The fact that they fill a space is pretty important in Eli who had a cleft in his palate. But, we believe the adenoids are one of the causes of his perpetual runny nose. Another dilemma to figure out, but one I know we will get through. We see Eli's ENT again Dec. 31.

Please pray I hear from Dr. El Amm soon. I will keep you posted.


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