Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eli's head

Elijah's craniofacial surgeon says, "Yes, Elijah has a menigocele." But, he says it shouldn't be causing him any trouble. They often see menigoceles in kids with craniosynitosis (premature skull suture fusion) and they usually just leave them alone.

The surgeon told us to get Eli in with an eye doctor ASAP who can look into his eyes and help determine if their is pressure on Elijah's brain caused from lack of cranial expansion (not the menigocele). So, in the morning, Elijah will see Dr. Groves. Please pray that if Eli has cranial pressure that Dr. Groves will immediately see it in his eyes. Please pray that we will get an accurate answer to this difficult dilemma.

Elijah continues to throw up at each feeding. He is very, very sleepy. But, those of you who know my kid, know that he continues to smile, laugh and make us all overjoyed to know him.

Since Eli's throwing up is not a GI issue...the possibilities are not many. We really need an answer so that we can work on a resolution. With the holidays fast approaching (and Eli's 2nd birthday, I might add), I really want to know how serious of a situation we are dealing with and get it fixed in a timely fashion.

I sincerely appreciate your prayers and interest in my sweet, sweet baby. I was thrilled to capture Elijah's mischievousness on film. Below you see him after he has scooted himself to our entertainment center where we store the DVDs. One by one he gets the DVDs off of the shelf and moves them out of his way. He works his way through the entire stack of DVDs. Then we re-stock the shelf and he starts over with such glee. I LOVE IT!

Love to all,


Amberghini said...

He definitely looks like he is up to something!

Emily Kaye said...

I can't wait to see that little guy in action! Only about 2 weeks before we're in Oklahoms. YAY!

Love you all -
Emily Kaye

Anonymous said...

Yes, he does have a motive to his actions and it is so interesting to see his ability to carry out his desires. I really NEED to see him soon. Sending love for now. gb or bg anyway you look at it, it is the same.