Sunday, December 7, 2008


Elijah was again discharged from the hospital this afternoon. He was diagnosed as having a small cranial meningocele. Best I understand, it is a small bubble filled with cerebralspinal fluid between the brain and skull. Not supposed to be there. We'll be working with Elijah's docs in OKC to determine what needs to be done. Sending a CD of Friday's CT tomorrow and hopefully we'll hear something quickly. We're just doing all we can to help Elijah today and leaving tomorrow in God's hands.

Eli is well hydrated and tolerating his feedings.

Please pray for a speedy resolution to this new discovery for our little guy.

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Still praying....


Emily Kaye said...

Lots of you all!

-Emily Kaye

Anonymous said...

We are just anxious to know if and when you are coming to our house. Bobbie

Cindy said...

Glad Elijah got to come home. Hospitals are no fun. Still praying for you guys.