Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eli's new hand revealed

To the right, Eli having pure fun!

To the left, you can get a great view of Elijah's new wrist. We left the sock over his incision, but I'll give you a visual: stitches literally all the way around his tiny wrist, like a watch. That's a band aid on his elbow. Before, he wouldn't have been able to hold his hand out straight the way it is here. And, whenever he would attempt to move his fingers, he'd only move his hand.

To the left, another great shot of Elijah's new wrist. Straight out, baby! Soon, I'll post a photo to show you how with Eli's wrist straightened, his thumb looks even more like a thumb. It needs some surgical intervention to be totally useful, but it just looks like a thumb rather than a finger.

Can I hear it for the Shriners? Hip hip hurray!

On another note, I received a piece of mail today from the Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport. Do you know the relief I feel to not even have to be concerned that they are sending me a bill? I mean, there is just no way. I know for a fact that it isn't a bill. I can open it with that peace. After Elijah's birth, I found myself dreading the walk to the mailbox wondering what incredibly unreasonable bill I would find next. I don't have that fear any more and I definitely don't have it with the Shriners.

To all the Shriners who might stumble upon this, to the Shriner's families, to the dedicated and selfless physicians, nurses, aides, housekeepers, volunteers, donors and friends: please accept my heartfelt thanks for the amazing work you make possible.

With love,

Melissa Ramirez


Barbara said...

Hey, David -- I'm not sure if you remember me but we went to OSU together. I think we ran into each other downtown not too terribly long ago. Hi, Melissa, good to make your online acquaintance. I work at the Tulsa World so I've been watching your story on our budget and I was excited to see you made the front page! My 8-year-old daughter and I have been reading your blog and watching the videos. We wish you the best of luck and we'd both sincerely like to help in any way we could. What's the most useful thing a mom and an 8-year-old could offer? Do let us know!
-- Barbara (Byrne) Allen

Amberghini said...

Wow! Amazing! I can't wait to see Eli's new hand in person and love on him!

Emily said...

That smile of his just brings joy to my heart! He looks AWESOME!!!

Grandma Bobbie said...

Dear Children:It is so thrilling to read about, hear and see all about the strides you have made with Elijah. I must admit that when I pass this tiny bed in my family room, I say "Thank you Lord that Elijah won't be able to stay here much longer" but I won't remove it yet, just in case you come to visit REAL soon. I know the Heavenly Father must be so pleased as He watches over you. We love you all and we enjoy seeing how you love. Will see you soon. God bless you in every way, every day. I can't use Grandma Bobbie so I will try. Bobbie Groves

jgraham said...

hey David and Malissa,
I just wanted to say that Eli is looking great, happy and I cant wait to be able to see him again, and of course you too. I sure hope I get to see ya'll when I come down this weekend. I love you and praying for you and eli everyday.

aka Kicky Boy

Anonymous said...

i am crying the whole time reading about elijah's journey.. he just melts my heart away.. i am actually looking about what my friend went through (he has rapadilino syndrome) and i came across your blog.. elijah is such a precious child... i loved the video that you posted.. keep us posted about whats going on with him... i will pray for your son eveyday... and for your family aswell..

Angela Stevens said...

Yeah to the Shriners and Scottish Rite. Both Masonic groups that have given so many children and parents a renewed start and financial peace.

We too live the blessing and I am very greatful!

Angela Stevens