Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eli is out of surgery

Elijah is out of surgery. Yes, I'm tardy in posting, but I know you understand. His surgery lasted the expected 1.5 hours. The surgeon's report was that everything went well AND when he came to our waiting room to report, he actually smiled at us. I've been so critical of surgeons (and surgeon assistants) who walk into the waiting room and have a scowl the whole time they are walking up and about to speak. Don't they know that their face speaks a thousand words and that perhaps the scowl is not speaking what they intend. Anyway...

Eli slept for a few hours (photo above) then woke to discover his arm is in a cast from top to tip. Turns out I am glad we only did one arm. Can you imagine his anger to wake up with both arms wrapped up?

The Shriner's Hospital is nothing less than amazing. The staff's care and concern for every part of the child's experience here is superior.

I have to admit the sour taste of reality our first surgery here has been. I know that we have a minimum of five more just like this week. This week will require our return in two weeks to have the cast removed and another return in four months to have the pin removed.

At the Shriner's Hospital I see other children who are dealing with their uniquenesses in such amazing ways and I am touched and very, very sad. To see kids have to adapt and struggle and work to accomplish such simple tasks, breaks my heart. To know that Eli will have to work and struggle and adapt is sobering. To know that this hospital is here to help him work and adapt means more to me than I can express.

David stayed at the hospital with Eli last night while I slept at the hotel. Today, David is at the hotel sleeping while mom, dad and I work with Eli. David and I have become accustomed to this relay race handing off responsibilities to the other time and time again. We are near masters.

Other things I am thankful for today:
My shoe squeaked on the floor in Eli's hospital room soon after his return from surgery and his eyes popped open. HE CAN HEAR!
I saw a boy here with nothing below his elbows typing faster than me.
Dr. Pepper.
Weak hurricanes.
My parents for being here, my sister for keeping Sophia and all of you for thinking about us today.
"I don't care" pre-op drugs.
Kind nurses and brilliant surgeons.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern for our sweet little guy. He is a fighter and proven that once again.

I've taken more video. David is our video-up-loader so I bet you will see that tonight.

Love you all,


Brent Cooper said...

David, Melissa and Sophia,

You guys are so awesome. You are such an inspiration to me and Rachel. Elijah and the whole family are on our minds and hearts constantly all thru out the day. He is nothing short of God's miraculous wonder. I am so happy that surgery went well today. And although he has several more to go through, it is my prayer as I am sure it is many, that they rest go as well as today did. We love you guys very much and pray for you every day.

Brent and Rachel.

Pete and Linda said...

Pete and I are thinking of you today. You have been in my prayers continually. We think the videos are wonderful. We are so far away that it is hard to visualize Eli's progress and laughter. Thanks for keeping up the blog and the videos. We love you all. Take care of yourselves and know that we are thinking of you.