Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eli in Shreveport, Pt. 2



Amberghini said...

I do love your "happy" layout! I couldn't wait to get home from work tonight and check the blog to see how everything went! Mason has been a praying fool for the hurricane and Eli. He even added tropical storms on there! xo! Amber

Emily said...

We (the whole Graham fam) LOVE watching all the videos! Even Jason has the site bookmarked so he can check up on the Ramirez family often. Mom's class knows all about Eli and she's very excited to show them the videos too. However, the videos do make me miss you all just a little bit more because I'd rather see the show live. :-) Hope you are all doing well and that everything is healing well! Lots of love and kisses!

-Emily Kaye

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Angela Stevens and I have been following Eli's story through your blog. I love the video of him. What a sweet baby you have. My prayers are with y'all family. I am happy to hear his surgery went well.
Carrie Fisher

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD things are starting to look better for Elijah, and his family. Our prayers continue. Elijah is such a ray of sunshine to EVERYONE! May God Bless the entire family, may the family keep their chin, and faith up!