Saturday, September 11, 2010

My New Legs

Elijah has become comfortable showing his legs off. When I walked in from work and his splints were off he emphatically said "See my new legs!" I, of course, gushed with my approval and love for his new legs. He gleamed with pride. I can only imagine how he is making sense of all legs were fine, but now everyone loves them...

Just 10 days and ELi will begin a very important part of this remarkable journey. He will learn to walk. The thought of seeing him walk brightens my spirit to blinding. I know you are all cheering for him just as we are.

If you are able, please consider giving to Elijah's Mini Lap to support his amazing school. Be sure to actually list Elijah's name in the "honor or memorial" section so your donation gets credited to his lap.

Eli will walk!

With love,

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Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer so that I could cheer your little super hero on personally.He has inspired me so much with his zest to just "keep on keeping on".He is such a cutie too.