Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DAY THREE: Eli's Power Workout

Almost an hour of footage tonight! My mother, Anna Ramirez, known to Eli as "Granna," did the filming today, and she decided EVERY moment was worth preserving for posterity. She was right, of course.

1. PLAY TIME: Elijah gets the day started with a puzzle. Super cute.

2. STRETCHES: We have a lot of work to get the tendons on the outside of Elijah's legs limbered up. Right now, whenever he tries to bring his legs together, these tight tendons naturally pull outward and resist him. But we'll get there. Meanwhile, look at what a great attitude he has.

3. DOGS AND STRETCHES: Before we finished our morning stretches, we got a visit from Rose, a rescued puppy who came to the Shriners Hospital to spread some cheer. She had no idea what a great dog owner Elijah already is, and she was in for a treat. Rose would come back later for another visit...

4. ELI'S WALKER: It's all smiles as Elijah works to master his newest walking tool. We are bursting with pride at this point in the day.

5. THE RETURN OF ROSE: Finally, it's time for Elijah to walk the dog. What an awesome big finish to the morning.

6. AFTERNOON WORKOUT: Elijah picks up the pace! Would YOU be in such a good mood after a long day of work? Would I?

7. HEAVY LIFTING: Watch Elijah finish the day with leg lifts. What a show-off! Bonus: Enjoy a a discussion about adjustments to the braces which will help Eli perform even better tomorrow.

EVEN MORE video tomorrow! Pray for Elijah!


P.S. It's not too late to donate to Elijah's Mini-Laps fundraiser for the Little Light House! Click here for more details:


Brian Harvey said...

Loved seeing the videos. Thanks so much for posting them. So happy to see Eli progressing so well!

Emily Kaye said...

Great to see the progress! I can see how hard he's working. Anna - don't're not the only one crying while watching this!

Hug those PT gals! Leslie was AWESOME with Eli!

Rob and Kathy Gandy said...

We've watched every minute of every video! GO ELI! What a blessing it is to be a part of this week in the life of Eli and his family. Thank you for being so generous as you allow us to share in your joy! Tears here, too!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo, yea, yippee, hallelujah, way to go, high five, you the man! Eli, we're all rooting for you! Keep up the great work...Love, love, love you all! Great Aunt Lesli

Mary Tucker said...

I'm so proud of you Eli. You are working so hard with your exercises and walking. I've watched all your videos showing your hard work and the prgress you're making. I;m sure mom and Sophia can't wait for you to get home and show them everything you can do now.
Always thinking of you and praying for your continued progress on your long journey.
Mary Tucker (GrammaMary)
member of "Charlotte's Garden"

kranberry216 said...

I can't wait to check in every day and see his amazing progress, and each day I say "I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry" and then I do - I just fall apart! What an amazing and loving God we have - and what an amazing little Eli!!