Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY FOUR (p.m.): We Are The Champions

A special THANK YOU to everyone who followed Elijah this week on Blogspot and Facebook. I know many of you wonder why we spend so much time posting our child's face all over the Internet, and these are the three reasons I always give. First, we want you to PRAY FOR ELI. All we've ever wanted from the legion of Elijah Fans is prayer that he will be happy, pain-free and well cared-for by our medical teams. Second, we want to connect with other families who are dealing with the same ordeals we are. We have learned a lot, but we also have a lot to learn. Third, we want to tell the world about the kindness and generosity of Eli's school, The Little Light House in Tulsa, and Eli's surgical team, The Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport, LA. Please consider a financial gift to either of these fine organizations.

Tomorrow is our final day on the road. Be sure to tune in Saturday for footage from Friday, as well as Elijah's amazing appearance at Mini-Laps!

1. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (parts 1 & 2): Before the afternoon session, Granna treated both Ramirez boys to new Red Sox ballcaps, and Eli wanted to keep his on all day. As we entered the building, she was singing "We Are The Champions" by Queen, partly because the word "CHAMPIONS" was emblazoned across her Red Sox t-shirt. Watch our final "walk-walk" of the day and see if you don't agree we've found our champion for all time.

2. STRENGTH TRAINING: Time to teach Elijah how to keep his upper torso muscles strong when he's pushing his walker forward. Good thing we have a few of these exercise balls at home.

3. ELIJAH-MOTIVE: Let's finish the day with Elijah riding a robot pony. I kid you not, this thing is called the iGallop. And you thought your iPad had features. Last but not least is a bit of screaming, as we complete the fitting for Eli in his walker. The amazing therapy team at Shriners set aside an entire hour to build FROM SCRATCH the pelvis-and-trunk stabilizer you see here. We love the Shriners!

Tired? Yes. Ready to go home? Yes. WORTH IT? YES.

Seriously, people, tune in Saturday night for Mini-Laps footage. WORTH IT? YES!



Anonymous said...

Grandma Bobbie says:What a ride!!Eli just might turn out to be a real OSU Cowboy Champion..How many possibilities can there be..

ps11829 said...

Eli!! Way to go! I can't wait to see you on Saturday! Have a good morning workout and a nice drive home! I loe you!!

Rob and Kathy Gandy said...

"The Amazing Elijah" season three, is our new favorite show! Once again, we have watched every moment of every new video you have posted today.

Great videography, Granna! Go, Dad! Team Elijah ROCKS! Mom and Sophia, way to hold down the fort!

The progress that Elijah has made this week is nothing short of miraculous...why are we not surprised? Thank you again for your willingness to share this week with all of us. God bless you all as you travel home. Love in Christ, Rob and Kathy Gandy

Anonymous said...

Leveta here.This video of Eli's hard work has become my favorite.I have cried,laughed and rejoiced with your sweet strong super hero boy.He has implanted himself in my heart in such a big way.Could you please email me at I have something I would like to share with you.