Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY FOUR: Going The Distance

It all comes down to this. You're about to see Elijah move his own feet as he walks across the Shriners play area from start to finish.

1. AMAZING STRETCHES: Eli does some fabulous leg lifts, then says hi to Rose the Dog again.

2. GOING THE DISTANCE (Parts 1 and 2): Time to bring the thunder! Cheer for Eli as you watch these videos.

In case you're wondering, Eli and Dad and Granna are exhausted. But we're not giving up! Not when Elijah is "getting it" so well. Can you believe how much he's participating? We'll return to therapy this afternoon for more walking a few more brace adjustments.



Kathy said...

Can you hear me cheering? I'm cheering! For all of you.

Emily Kaye said...

I'm cheering you on! What a great walk Eli had! That was awesome!

Lea said...

Wow!! Just WOW!! What an awesome kid and what an awesome team.