Friday, September 24, 2010

DAY FIVE: Home Sweet Home

HOME! Thank you Lord Jesus. We arrived in Sapulpa just in time to greet Grandma and Grandpa Groves at the door. They're staying with us so they can attend Mini-Laps in the morning. Then we ate dinner, came home and WALKED for Momma, Sophia and a big crowd including Grammie and Grandpa Ken.

1. OPENING NIGHT (MORNING): Elijah arrived at Shriners and immediately got to work. Watch him take steps as Leslie does little more than steer the walker from behind. You'll also see him chattering about what he's looking forward to this morning. He was just in such a good mood, until we put him in the walker. We were all as tired as he was. BUT HE DID IT. (He also says hello to all our family members, with a little help from his Dad.)

2. TRANSITIONS: We meet a new friend in the therapy room, we say goodbye to our awesome therapy team, and we say HELLO to Sophia and our very own living room.

3. THE MAIN EVENT: Elijah takes his first steps for Momma and Sophia. Then, we invite some friends and family to the back porch and do it all over again. It was a special gift to Melissa that she could watch Elijah's progress throughout the week with the uploaded videos, but there's nothing like the real thing. Elijah is THRILLED to be home with his Mom!

See you tomorrow at Mini-Laps! Dad's going to pass out now.


Anonymous said...

What a thrill that you are all together! Will be thinking about you tomorrow and can't wait to see the video. You (all four of you) are my heroes! Love ya, Great Aunt Lesli & Uncle Carl

Anonymous said...

What a great homecoming. Eli has come so far this week. Thank you for the updates. Eli has a great desire to accomplish the near impossible. The family is so great to be there for all of you. Love you all and praying for you
Pete and Linda

martinmom said...

AWESOME! What an amazing moment and an inspiring little guy. Thank you for your story. I am friend of Amy Ball's and my 11 month old daughter Emmarie is also a patient at the Shriner's hospital in Shreveport. She was born with congenital defects in both hands. I have such a deep admiration for your family and will continue to pray for you all.