Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lessons Learned

Today, Sophia learned that it really is difficult to know how to maneuver hotel showers. And, if the guess on how to make sure the drain is unplugged is wrong...an overflowing could occur.

Sophia learned that not all shopping malls are two stories. In fact, two in Shreveport are only one. She also learned that when you are shopping in Claire's you can feel like you are at home in your own Claire's store until you come out to that one-story mall.

Sophia also learned what we do while we are in Shreveport with our precious baby boy. She saw him suffer through harmless vitals and painful blood draws, but she also saw him have such fun in the very kid-friendly play rooms. Sophia built a tower out of BIG wooden blocks. When it fell over...many came running...they said it sounded like one of the kids had taken a terrible tumble. We were a bit embarrassed, but everyone just laughed. Sophia and I agreed to make it big, but low next time.

We are staying in three different hotels for our three nights. The Tulsa Shriner's decided to only pay for one night for families despite the need for three (no fault there, I understand times are tight for everyone), so we are the humble recipients of two other nights at two other hotels from two different family members giving us their hotel points. Tonight it's Holiday Inn and tomorrow the Hilton and last night, the Roadway Inn. It is Sophia's requirement that we visit each hotel's pool. Two down, one to go. Sophia informed my mother "the hotel last night had extra-cise equipment, but my mom didn't use it." Oh well.

I remain incredibly proud of Sophia. She hasn't asked me about a single child she has seen at the hospital. She did comment on one girl laying in a bed being wheeled by us. She was returning from her surgery. She empathetically said "that was a little girl." We explained that this hospital is only for kids to get better. She seemed very glad about that.

The hospital is hopping. The staff say it is very busy right now...nearly filled to capacity. Summer surgeries are preferred so kids don't miss school.

Eli is set for a 7 a.m. surgery start time. Sophia and I plan to enter the hospital at 6:30 a.m. to help with Eli's final surgery preparation. I plan to do a good brushing of his teeth after his "I don't care" medicine kicks in. Please keep praying for absolute success and NO infection. He will have some pins in his hand to support his new thumb. That causes me worry.

I will keep you posted tomorrow throughout the day.

With love and deep gratitude,

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